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When you enter a person for a “Heart & Dove Award”™, their chances of winning will increase, if you describe a specific scenario that happened. Tell us what they did, when and where it was, and to whom they were so kind.

Also, we thought it would be helpful to level the playing field a bit, so we created multiple categories. Simply pick one that is a good fit for the person you wish to nominate.

You’re doing good – keep earning rewards!

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It is an act of kindness in itself, when you enter a person for a chance to win an award. That’s why you get 100 Kindness Reward points. They will be added for you automatically, after you complete the form below and press “SUBMIT”.

Entries may be submitted until midnight, December 31 of each year. Submissions that are received after that date, will be used for entry into the following year’s awards.

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By entering information in this form, you agree that your name may be used in connection with your entry for the “Heart & Dove Awards”™ and may be displayed on this site.

You will not be included in our newsletter emails, unless you specifically agree to receive them or subscribe via the subscription form. Your data is solely for the purpose of entry as described on this page, and your email address or remote identity will never be shared with or sold to third parties.

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