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Haiti Coat of Arms T-Shirt

More hope and more heritage


Haiti Renaissance

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No matter where you grew up, you will always cherish the home country you grew up in.
You always LOVE your own soil.
Haitians have many reasons to LOVE their country, and they are ready to create better living conditions, a better economy, more science, education, health care and infrastructure.
Let’s give them a boost – it’s so easy!
Buy a shirt and wear it proudly, because you will make a difference!
T-Shirt Comes in choice of pink or red.
100% Cotton

# JTRT 200 205

Price: only $19.95 + local sales tax

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# JTRT 200 205

Haiti Coat of Arms T-Shirt

only $19.95 + local sales tax, shipping included (continental USA)

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