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Persian Turquoise

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Persian Turquoise is distinctly different from Southwestern Turquoise, but you absolutely HAVE to love both.
Along with Lapis and Carnelian or Red Coral, Persian Turquoise was a gemstone for only the privileged. Prized for its color and smooth appearance, it will draw you in magically with its fresh look of a sunlit sea.

Bead diameter is 20mm, comes with gold plated toggle clasp.


Hand made with LOVE in USA with imported components.

Material: acrylic, glass

Length: 17″

# IWTB 005 008

Price: only $45 + local sales tax

includes shipping in continental USA

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IWTB 005 008

Persian Turquoise TravelBeads™

only $45 + local sales tax, shipping included (continental USA)


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