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More GREEN For Haiti™

“If you see your friend struggling, you reach out and lend a hand!”

When you buy any of these items, we donate a portion of the proceeds to a partner charity that you can choose


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More GREEN For Haiti – Mask Holder  $30 More GREEN For Haiti – Bracelet  $25 More GREEN For Haiti – Short Dangle Earrings  $20
While you’re here…
LOVE Haiti T-Shirt  $24.95 Haiti Coat of Arms T-Shirt  $19.95 Renaissance Cologne  $35.95 Haiti Renaissance T-Shirt  $24.95 Haitian By Birth T-Shirt  $24.95
New Haiti Challenge Card Game  $25 Gia Yee: Reggae Prescription CD  $16.95
SoleSocks – red  $21.95 SoleSocks – blue  $21.95 SoleSocks – pink  $21.95 SoleSocks – black   $21.95
TravelBeads™ Arizona Turquoise  $45 TravelBeads™ Citrine  $45 TravelBeads™ Spun Cinnabar  $45 TravelBeads™ Persian Turquoise  $45
TravelBeads™ Butterscotch Amber  $45 TravelBeads™ Carved Coral  $45  TravelBeads™ Craquele Rock Crystal  $45 TravelBeads™ Black Onyx  $45


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