Tears of Joy™ Gift Set

Sralazem’s Wisdom Scroll™, FREE frame, necklace and jute pouch

Sralazem’s Wisdom Scroll with frame, the Tears of Joy(TM) necklace and jute pouch. Display easels not included.


Each scroll’s story refers to the color of your chosen necklace







The “Love & Peace” tag is a sign of authenticity. You can get “Tears of Joy” only from us!





A perfect set for lasting inspiration







Pendant detail
If you like giving gifts that have a special meaning, you found a wonderful and lasting little treasure that’s sure to be cherished for a long time.
This set lets you make it very unique to the recipient, because that lucky person gets recognition for their most outstanding character trait.
Praise is always the most welcome gift
But sometimes, we all need to be recognized for our qualities, so it’s perfectly fine to give one for yourself too!
With the ‘Tears of Joy’™ gift set, you get a shimmering tear drop necklace, plus you get a personal scroll that tells the story of Sage Sralazem. It is bound to be YOUR story, with some hidden advice in it.
You can read the scroll below. Each color comes with its own meaning, and the scroll refers to your chosen color accordingly.

# TOJS 104 001

Price: only $49 + local sales tax

includes FREE shipping in continental USA


• Comes in six different lengths

• Materials: Top brand Miyuki or Czech Glass beads, silver plated components

• All colors of the rainbow: choose your positive trait from the list, and Sage Sralazem will select your personal matching color shade, just for you!



Sralazem’s Words on the Scroll:

Sralazem’s Wisdom Scroll™

A long time ago, in a remote village, lived a spiritual man who was said to possess great healing power and wisdom. So famous was he, that people would travel from near and far to be with the sage and become his scholars. His name was Sralazem.

All day, the students would be close to him and listen to their master’s teachings. They studied hard, and they learned much about life. They would ask for guidance, and they each prayed for an answer to their final assignment: “Find the most powerful word on your path to wisdom!”

One early morning, the kind Sage went to meditate in his garden, when he came upon one of his followers. Perched on a rock, tears were rolling down the face of the disciple.

“My child”, the master asked, “why are you crying?”

The student was quick to reply “Oh Wise One, it is not sadness that has captured my heart.”

“What might it be then?” Sralazem continued, secretly already knowing his scholar’s response.

“These are tears of joy, for I have completed the assignment. I have found that secret word!”

“You have searched with success and earned a special token of KINDNESS,” said the sage.

Reaching into a jute pouch underneath his simple robe, he produced a shiny object. And he gave his student a GOLDEN necklace, made with components that represent the wisdom of the ages: a shimmering tear drop, carried by a peace dove.

“May this be a reminder of your precious accomplishment. Wear it while thinking of the secret word, for nobody can gain wisdom without KINDNESS.” With that, you shall also gain peace.

The old man fastened the glistening Tears of Joy™ around his disciple’s neck and continued:

“You will always be a child – always a student of life, with yet so much to learn.

Twenty tokens of wisdom exist and wait for you to discover them, each being a powerful tool for life. You just have received one such token. Find them all to complete your journey.

Then, become a messenger. Go home and spread KINDNESS and peace among others, for it will bless them with far greater wealth than any rich man’s chest can hold.”

And so the great Sralazem dismissed the student and commenced his meditation.

And he knew in his heart that things would be well.


Twenty Tokens of Positive Character Traits:

Faith – purple

Love – red

Hope – green

Fidelity – blue

Creativity – orange

Optimism – yellow

Resilience – black

Forgiveness – white

Humility – grey

Empathy – copper

Grace – silver

Kindness – gold

Patience – light tan

Courage – lime

Honesty – clear

Compassion – pink

Tolerance – peacock

Diligence – light blue

Generosity – turquoise

Sincerity – brown


Tears of Joy(TM) on a Montana Sapphire colored necklace

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# TOJS 104 001

Tears of Joy™ Gift Set

includes scroll, frame, necklace and jute pouch

only $49 + local sales tax, FREE shipping included (continental USA)

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