LOVE Instead Button

The power of suggestion whenever you need it





Power up those moments, when a little inspiration means everything! 

The ONLY lasting way we can change for the better, is through constant reminders. There have been many studies on that subject.

Get the habit inducing power button that has a stronger, more lasting impact than any other motivational tool.

Stick this button where you can see it every day, so it can work its way into your subconscious mind.

Kindness and love for all, including for yourself, will come much easier from now on.

They become habits. And they stick.


Stick it to your

• desk

• computer

• dash board

• bathroom mirror

• fridge

The button is 1″ by 1″ square and comes in its own little pouch. The adhesive backing lets you stick it to any smooth, dry surface, so you can put it where you can see it all the time.

# LIPB 101 001

Price: only $10 + local sales tax

FREE shipping in continental USA

Get it now:

# LIPB 101 001

LOVE Instead Button

only $10 + local sales tax, shipping included (continental USA)

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Our donation to charity: $4 per button

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New Haiti Fund Kids For Kids
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