Don’t have a Coupon Code? Get it from your favorite charity*

To support a specific charity, enter their Coupon Code when you purchase something from our gift shop.

They get our donation, and you get 200 KR Points towards FREE perks!


New Haiti Fund


Parental Childcare


Kids For Kids



*You receive 200 KR Points every time you purchase something from our online Gift Shop, as long as you fill in a valid Coupon Code. VIP Members of the Love & Peace Society and Love & Peace Executives Members get 400 KR Points.

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If you leave the Coupon Code field blank, we’ll donate to the charities that are most active within the Love & Peace Project.

Some charities choose to be more involved in the sale of our gift shop merchandise, or they’re using certain items for fundraisers. These organizations receive a regular commission on top of the charity donation.

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