Love & Peace Chakra Blessing™


If you understand what chakras are, you also know about their importance of a good balance for your energy body.

This Chakra Blessing serves as a focal point for reflecting and meditating.

All colors of the chakras are represented, and destined to blend in harmony with each other. They create a vibrant, eye catching frame for the medallions, and they emit a strong burst of color energy, that repeats in the connector with the dragonfly.

The purple background of the sample shown, is the color of the Crown Chakra, and it’s the dominant color here.

Other backing colors are available:

red, white, black, yellow and blue


Material: antique brass, fabric, glass.

Size: 2.5″ x 18″

# CHBL 102 001


Price: only $49 + local sales tax

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# CHBL 102 001

Chakra Blessing

only $49 + local sales tax, shipping included (continental USA)

Our donation to charity: $20 per chakra blessing

The charity you choose, will receive our donation

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