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A-M-A-Z-I-N-G things, just in time for the Holidays…

Only good things are featured here. With each item sold in this gift shop, we donate a portion of the proceeds to a charitable cause. Click items for more info.


LOVE Instead*

“The little button that could.”

What better inspiration to keep reminding you of your values? You can attach it to anything, so it will work its magic through constant suggestive power.

only $10

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Love & Peace Chakra Blessing

Center Your Thoughts

Now your home or office can have a dedicated space for you to recharge and refocus your energy.

only $49

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More GREEN For Haiti

“Help a country renew itself when you purchase this bracelet.”

The most pressing challenge for Haiti is to grow trees, shrubs and edible plants, to keep the top soil in place and to feed her people.

only $25

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T-Shirt “LOVE”

Only LOVE will do!

This shirt is so much more than a piece of clothing. It shows your true nature, your caring heart!

Support the renewal of Haiti, when you get this bold T-shirt for yourself or as a gift for a special person.

only $24.95

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Fragrance for Men

A rich, full, yet heavenly scent envelops you. It makes use of the many traditions of the finest perfumers of the world. Be immersed in The Legacy itself!

only $35.95

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Haiti Renaissance T-Shirt

Let the renewal begin!

Wear your heart on the outside – support a cause that makes a difference to an entire country.

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New Haiti Challenge Card Game

Skill, strategy, or a little luck?

It doesn’t matter.

What is however important, is that you’ll have fun playing, and the fact that Haiti gets another chance.

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Tears of Joy™ Gift Set

With Love, from Sralazem

Lifelong learning is the idea behind this gift set, because it takes a long time to acquire wisdom.

Your best character trait is what makes you who you are, and you shall be rewarded!

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The greeting card that lasts a lifetime

When you need something extraordinary to give, recognition is your best bet. They’ll LOVE you for it!

Totally customized and uniquely made for you, so you can give someone a very special keepsake.

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String Attack™

The Original Puzzle Necklace™

Make endless necklace combinations, and sport a fresh look every day with just the starter kit. Then add some strings and see what happens!

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The Business Class

Designed to make you shine from the moment you leave your house.

When you’re in business, there’s nothing like confidence to make you successful. Let us help you increase yours!


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Haitian By Birth T-Shirt

Be proud!

Being a citizen of both Haiti and the US should make your heart jump with joy.

Why? You got the best of both worlds!

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Haiti Coat of Arms T-Shirt

Help rebuild a country!

This Coat of Arms has been in use since 1807, and it allows you to identify with this nation.

Be a supporter – be a Haitian! Even only by wearing this T-Shirt. It makes you their hero.

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Ready to Go!

No matter how far you go, you should not have to compromise your style or quality.

TravelBeads™ enhance your wardrobe for a fraction of the cost of their natural stone counterparts. 

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New Haiti Fund
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Together we are better and stronger!

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All items by the Love & Peace Project are hand made* with love in USA, using mostly imported components from foreign countries, including Czech Republic, Germany, India, China, Italy and Austria.

For items from partner merchants, please refer to their individual product description.

We take great pride in each and every product, and we know that you will love the quality of our work. However, sometimes the best components don’t always perform as they should. Even manufacturers are humans. Should you have any reason to be not happy with your item, send it back to us and we’ll replace it or refund your purchasing price.

Allergy information: we select materials that are non-toxic and try to use recycled parts where possible. Some of these parts may contain trace elements of Cobalt and/or Nickel, as they may have been manufactured prior to stricter regulations. If you are sensitive to metal allergies, please do not wear jewelry for prolonged times, or keep metals from touching your skin directly.

*except the ‘Love Instead’ Buttons




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