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Trendy jewelry: make an “Angel Caller” necklace!

Thursday, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Lakeside Anchor Inn

2412 Floral Rd., Lantana, FL 33462

Restaurant phone: (561) 902 1259

Tickets are $25 ($15 for members). Limited space.

Supplies included in class fee, unless stated otherwise

You are welcome to bring your own tools, if you wish:

♥  A beading mat

♥  Jewelry pliers

♥  Magnifying lamp

♥  Pen and note book

A fun class welcoming beginners and advanced jewelry makers alike.

You choose from a variety of different angel callers or “Bolas”. Then you select your beads and your clasp to your liking.

You will also learn how to design your piece of jewelry and properly start and finish your necklace to make it look fabulous!

You’ll walk away with a finished piece of jewelry. If you keep coming to our jewelry classes, you can be sure that your jewelry box will be filled with super fashionable items in no time!

What’s special about this class? You’re in a relaxed, peaceful environment. In the middle of kind people, who are there for the same reason: to learn something new and walk away with the good feeling of accomplishment.

Let’s make this fun!

It simply can’t get better than that: something you’ll love to do, in a beautiful setting surrounded by friends!

Taught by a friendly instructor. Each beading class stands alone, so you get to choose the projects you want to make as either a regular or an occasional student.

Treat yourself. Get your tickets now to reserve your spot!


Collect 50 Kindness Reward points per class when you attend “Love, Peace & Beading” at Lakeside Anchor Inn. Love & Peace Society Members earn 100 points.

Learn more about Kindness Rewards >


Purchase your ticket here:

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About the title image:

This is just one version of many possible designs! Whichever colors and materials you choose, your necklace will be totally unique. Make something for yourself and learn how it’s done! Photo © by Ingrid Webster


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