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The table is ready, just prior to our first Monthly Luncheon in January of 2020. Photo (c) by Ingrid Webster

Due to COVID, we are offering only very limited activities at this time. We anticipate more events starting sometime in 2021, and can’t wait to see you then. In the meantime, you can participate in all the online activities, including our facebook group:

Love & Peace Society


November 2020
Museum Building Activity: Say Thanks!
“Be More!” Initiatives: Michele‘s Thoughtful Handouts, Jen & Jeff’s Snail Mail Treat
1  SUN Daylight Saving Time ends
3 TUE Election Day
11 WED Veterans Day
13 FRI Rangerstop 8, Wyndham Orlando Resort, Orlando, FL, has been moved to 2021. More info >
14 SAT Diwali
14 SAT Rangerstop 8, Wyndham Orlando Resort, Orlando, FL has been moved to 2021. More info >
15 SUN Rangerstop 8, Wyndham Orlando Resort, Orlando, FL has been moved to 2021. More info >
19 THU Love, Peace & Walking on the Beach
26 THU Thanksgiving Day
December 2020
Museum Building Activity: Friends are Treasures Forever
“Be More!” Initiative: Rachel’s Countdown Calendar, Donna’s Serenades
3 THU Love, Peace & Nature
7 MON Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
11 FRI First Day of Hanukkah
17 THU Love, Peace & Walking on the Beach
21 MON First Day of Winter
24 THU Christmas Eve
25 FRI Christmas Day
26 SAT First Day of Kwanzaa
31 THU New Year’s Eve
January 2021
Museum Building Activity: Rockin’ a New Beginning
“Be More!” Initiatives: Jeffro’s Kids Funnel, Joyce’s Traveling Bowls
1 FRI New Year’s Day
6 WED Epiphany
7 THU Orthodox Christmas
14 THU Orthodox New Year
18 MON Martin Luther King Jr. Day
February 2021
Museum Building Activity: Love To The World!
“Be More!” Initiatives: Norma’s Valentine Project, Barbara’s Welcome Baskets
2  TUE Groundhog Day
7 SUN Super Bowl
12 FRI Chinese New Year
14 SUN Valentine’s Day
15 MON President’s Day
16 TUE Mardi Gras
17 WED Ash Wednesday
26 FRI Purim
March 2021
Museum Building Activity: Coming Home…
“Be More!” Initiative: Sergio’s Lent Exchange, Betsy’s Crazy Hat Strut
5 FRI Rangerstop & POP Comic Con, Sheraton Atlanta Hotel, Atlanta, GA. Learn more >
6  SAT Rangerstop & POP Comic Con, Sheraton Atlanta Hotel, Atlanta, GA. Learn more >
7  SUN Rangerstop & POP Comic Con, Sheraton Atlanta Hotel, Atlanta, GA. Learn more >
11 THU Isra and Mi’raj
14 SUN Daylight Saving Time starts
17 WED St. Patrick’s Day
28 SUN Palm Sunday
28 SUN First Day of Passover
April 2021
Museum Building Activity: Shine Baby, shine!
“Be More!” Initiative: Geri’s Animal Therapy, John’s Home Sweet Home
2 FRI Good Friday
4 SUN Easter Sunday
13 TUE Ramadan starts
15 THU Tax Day
May 2021
Museum Building Activity: The Power of Prayer
“Be More!” Initiative: Micah’s Challenge, Sheri’s Friendship Flowers
1 SAT Kentucky Derby
2 SUN Orthodox Easter
5 WED Cinco de Mayo
9 SUN Mother’s Day
13 THU Eid al-Fitr
31 MON Memorial Day
June 2021
Museum Building Activity: Family First
“Be More!” Initiative: Bob’s Best Yard Contest, Paul’s Diogenes Assignment
14 MON Flag Day
20 SUN First Day of Summer
20 SUN Happy Father’s Day!
July 2021
Museum Building Activity: Summer of Love, Peace and Beads
“Be More!” Initiative: Marcella’s Fuzzy Friends, Blake’s Comforting Loveys
19 MON First Day of Eid al-Adha
August 2021
Museum Building Activity: The Book of Wisdom
“Be More!” Initiative: Hebron’s Resource Mentors, Debbie’s Find a Heart Contest
26 THU Women’s Equality Day
29 SUN Janmashtami
September 2020
Museum Building Activity: Fall Into Forgiveness
“Be More!” Initiative: Meric’s Wellness by Nature, Nina’s Shared Adventures
6  MON Labor Day
6  MON First Day of Rosh Hashanah
9 THU Ganesh Chathurthi
11 SAT Patriot Day
12 SUN National Grandparents Day
15 WED Yom Kippur
18 SAT International Coastal Cleanup Be a volunteer with the Love & Peace Society. More info and registration coming soon!
20 MON First Day of Sukkot
21 TUE International Day of Peace
22 WED First Day of Fall
October 2021
Museum Building Activity: Rich Soil – Golden Harvest
“Be More!” Initiatives: Mary’s Pleasant Playtime, Lois’ Stuffed Purses
2 SAT Gandhi Jayanti (Gandhi’s Birthday)
11 MON Columbus Day
31 SUN Happy Halloween!
Love & Peace Project


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