Volunteer Check-In

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Thank You for making sure that your volunteers get cool stuff for their work!

Please use this form below to ensure that your volunteers get the proper credit for helping your organization. For best practice, we recommend that you submit the info on the same day as service/goods/money was received.

Before you authorize KR points:

  • Your organization must be an approved “Partner Charity” of the Love & Peace Project
  • List only those volunteers who ask you to authorize points
  • Volunteers MUST be registered users of this site

Filling in volunteer minutes is optional. If left blank, we’ll simply award 100 KR points. All information stays strictly confidential and will never be shared with third parties

To receive KR points, a volunteer must serve a minimum of 60 minutes on any single day.

Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.
enter the user name for your first volunteer
enter the user name for your 2nd volunteer
enter the user name for your 3rd volunteer
enter the user name for your 4th volunteer
enter the user name for your 5th volunteer
continue listing more volunteers if you need more space. Enter their minutes after each name.

Kindness Reward points are awarded for:

0 – 59 minutes (no points)

60 (1 hour) – 119 minutes (100 KR points)

120 (2 hours) – 239 minutes (150 KR points)

240 (4 hours) – 359 minutes (200 KR points)

360 (6 hours) – 479 minutes (250 KR points)

480 (8 hours) & up minutes (300 KR points)

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