Enter Now: Micah’s Challenge

If you want to be an inspiration to others, you should take this challenge and make your community more beautiful.

Just bring one single plastic grocery bag and fill it with litter. You’ll be our hero!

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You may enter as often as you wish, but only ONE of the same activity per day will earn you points. You may enter this one today and get KR Points, and if you enter again tomorrow, you get points again.

You may enter any different activity today and we’ll credit you those points as well. All entries received must be qualifying entries, no incomplete forms accepted for KR Points.

Your Entry for Micah’s Challenge
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 6 files.
By uploading your images, you state that you own the copyright to this image, and you consent to sharing it on our website. Any persons in your pictures have given you their consent for sharing these.
Add any other information you want to share, for example where exactly you cleaned up and why, etc.

Make Micah’s Dream Come True: Take the Challenge!!

PLUS you’ll earn more KR points towards FREE stuff each time you do it! (One per day qualifies for KR points)

Remember to take a picture before and one after, best with you in it!

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You’ll earn 200 KR points per litter pick-up on any different day (400 KR Points for VIP Members of the Love & Peace Society™, and 400 KR Points for President Members of the Love & Peace Executives™) and you’ll take pride in our community while making it better! 

No Purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law.

Pick up litter at your own risk. The Love & Peace Project LLC is not liable for injury to individuals, or damage to property while participating in this activity.

Make sure you wear sun protection. Do not trespass. Do not go into remote, hidden or deserted areas alone. Always carry a charged cell phone and a water bottle. Go in pairs, if possible.

Be mindful of larger trash piles or rotted wood, as they make good hiding places for venomous snakes or spiders. When in doubt, leave that area alone. 

Never pick up trash with bare hands – wear disposable gloves. Be especially careful with sharp objects, needles, broken glass or jagged metal. Clean those parts of your skin or clothing that came in contact with trash as soon as possible. Do not exhaust yourself and be aware of overheating. Seek shade and water immediately.

By uploading your images, you state that you own the copyright to these images, and you consent to sharing them on our website. Any persons in your pictures have given you their permission to make these images public.


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