Download and Print the Player’s Award

Be More! Initiative™ #19:

Spend an hour or more with someone to play games!

© by Love & Peace Project

This is a sample. DO NOT PRINT! Use the one below.

© by Love & Peace Project

Always print the Player’s Award to give to your lucky play partner, and one for you to keep as a Souvenir

Why? You can share it with others and explain what you did to earn it. It may inspire them to get their own, and hopefully participate in this initiative!

© by Love & Peace Project

© by Love & Peace Project

Here is your Player’s Award

For best results, you may use parchment paper or cover stock, that’s specially made for use in ink jet or laser printers. Use a red marker to fill in your name and date.

Bookmark this page to print more certificates as needed. If you have any questions or issues printing, just email us at

© by Love & Peace Project

Just click on the Image to open up a PDF file, ready for printing:

© by Love & Peace Project


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