Download: Philosopher’s Diploma

Be More! Initiative™ #12: find strangers who are kind

Always print the Philosopher’s Diploma* for you to keep as a Souvenir

Why? You can share it with others and explain what you did to earn it. It may inspire them to get their own, and hopefully participate in this initiative!

Here is your printable Philosopher’s Diploma*

For best results, you may use parchment paper or cover stock, that’s specially made for use in ink jet or laser printers.

Bookmark this page to print more certificates as needed. If you have any questions or issues printing, just email us at


Just click on the Diploma to open up a PDF file, ready for printing:

Paul’s Diogenes Assignment: Philosopher’s Diploma .pdf >

Go back to Paul’s Diogenes Assignment >

*not an actual graduation diploma from any school, college or university. It is intended to be kept as a souvenir and reminder of your effort to identify kind gestures from strangers.


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