Paul’s Diogenes Assignment

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Of all the stuff you buy, the only things you keep for eternity are the memories you make.

paul vattiato
Paul Vattiato – the man who wants to give you a sense of purpose on your travel adventures

But you already know that. Thanks to Paul Vattiato, you can make these memories even better. Let’s raise the standards for traveling!

What if you could break away…

…from those boring standard vacations that you’ve outgrown a long time ago?

Awaken your appetite for adventure, and add a sparkle to your best days of the year!

What if you find a NEW purpose while you’re making these treasured memories?

Come back with memories that you’ll never want to let go!

They are so meaningful, because they add warmth and wisdom to your personal experience forever.

Go on Assignment!

The search is on!

Explore the true riches out there

There is so much waiting for you. And the best is hidden beneath the surface. There are new cultures for you to experience, with new flavors, sights and sounds!

Discover what the world really has to offer to you

Find out how other people live, how they treat you. Enjoy their hospitality. Participate in their traditions. Make new friends!

Go outside of your familiar surroundings

Going somewhere different literally opens up mew horizons. You gain insight, new perspectives for a richer and rewarding life. It’s like a fresh breeze. You can participate anywhere, at any time, as long as you get away from your home.

How does it work, and who’s Diogenes?

Diogenes was an ancient Greek Philosopher, who was most famous for his quest to find “an honest man”.

diogenes logo
Searching for a good human…

The story goes, that he took a lantern into broad daylight and go on to find good people.

But of course, Diogenes couldn’t find them by means of the lantern, because it was daylight already. With that clever demonstration, he sent a message: you have to search for, and dig a little deeper to reveal one’s true character. There is always more to the heart and soul than meets the eye.

As easy as 1-2-3 for you!
Here’s what you can do:

1)  Go somewhere different, outside of your own home.

2)  Find a good human and their kind deed. Look for the one who goes above and beyond. It could be as simple as a friendly word, or an encouraging smile at the right moment.

3)  Take a picture, if possible. Then share that story right here >


Diogenes would have been proud!

Important, please read:

To qualify for publication and KR Points, you must have permission to share people’s names and photos, where applicable.

Your Rewards

You get 100 KR points towards FREE goodies for each qualifying entry. You may enter as many stories as you wish. KR points will be awarded for one entry per day.

VIP Members of the Love & Peace Society™ receive 200 KR Points, and President Members of the Love & Peace Executives™ get 200 KR Points.

You also get a beautiful Souvenir Certificate:

This beautiful Souvenir Certificate is yours with every completed Diogenes Assignment. Sponsored by Paul Vattiato.

After you submit your qualifying entry, you get redirected to a downloadable PDF with your Souvenir Certificate that you can print.

Help Make Paul’s Dream Come True >

No Purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law.

The Kindness Rebel Program™ rules >

By entering your information, you give permission to share your posted content and to use your name in association with the Diogenes Assignment.

KR Points are not redeemable for cash and they are not transferable. Points do not expire. Please read the separate rules for the Kindness Rewards program.

Please respect people’s privacy, and obey local laws. Rules of conduct are to be observed as well as all ethical standards or indigenous unwritten governance when approaching strangers in connection with the Diogenes Assignment.

If you are using a person’s name, image and/or other information, you must first get their permission to do so. Do not post photographs without the consent of the copyright owner (photographer) and all persons pictured.

Mostly though, have fun and enjoy!


About the title image:

Beauty is often found when you travel to new places… Here, it is the “Alte Mainbrücke” in Würzburg, Germany, a favorite among tourists and locals alike. Image © by Ingrid Webster


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