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2019 – The Inaugural Year for Norma’s Valentine Project

It was a spontaneous idea, born out of a sweet story from a childhood experience. Norma Shearon, the initiator, if not instigator of Norma’s Valentine Project, had wanted to continue with a tradition that was started by her Mom.

Her mother would take Norma to go see people in nursing homes and bring home made Valentine cards to make them feel special. Mostly, they wanted to search out those who had little contact with family or were alone altogether.

So her idea of bringing love into the lonely rooms of the elderly and infirm was brought to life. That was on January 31, 2019, with only two weeks to plan, organize and get everything ready.

It was a no-brainer to ask social media friends for help, and it didn’t take long for people to respond.

Morgan Root was first to respond with a stack of hand written cards.

Morgan’s decorated Valentine cards

The loving family of Sandra Dominguez

Sandra stocked up nicely with lit roses and Teddy bears.

You can see more pictures from the 2019 Valentine’s Day on our blog. Just click here to see them >

You’re doing good – keep earning rewards!

We’re still accepting cards… for next year!

Sooo… if you have an extra card or two lying around, perhaps you can write a nice greeting inside it and we would be glad to keep them ’til 2020, and take them to a home with less fortunate elderly residents.

There are people who never get any mail, leave alone a caring note for Valentine’s. Just contact us >

You’ll earn 100 KR points and you’ll make someone’s day! 

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!


About the title image:

Be my Valentine! EVERYBODY deserves to be remembered and loved. Image © by Ingrid Webster


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