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Micah’s Challenge

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The First Year for Micah’s Challenge: 2019

Micah Brown – Initiator of “Micah’s Challenge”

Who says that young people are oblivious to society’s ailments? Fact is, they are very much aware, and they’re ready to help.

Enter Micah Brown, who challenges people to do better for our immediate environment. Every single person should take pride in and contribute a tiny bit towards a more beautiful community.

It all starts right at home, and with a little goodwill, things can turn around…

Actually quite often, the best ideas are found on social media. So it’s not a surprise that Micah Brown’s post turned into a new “Be More Initiative”.

You see, he had discovered this challenge and shared it to his facebook page, in the hopes to make it “go viral” or at least reach a broader audience.

“Let’s spread this challenge across social media”

That was his caption for the post. And frankly, the idea behind it makes it a home run for all positive, community conscious individuals. Because with the help of many, the job for each person becomes very easy.

If everybody picks up only one grocery bag of trash a month, we can have a nicer community in no time flat. And then it’s a breeze to keep it that way into the future.

You should participate. Really, it’s actually fun to do.

Plus, it’s rewarding to see that things can happen anywhere for a better environment, even with very little effort.

As always, it’s easy.

Here’s what you can do:

Simply take a pic before and after, kinda like the one below. You don’t need to do this many bags of garbage. A little goes a long way, and even a small area will do. You get the idea. Do we need to mention that it’s not just for teens?

The post as it appeared on Micah’s facebook page. Image (C) by original author, it was shared to clarify and explain the origin of Micah’s Challenge.

Plenty of information is available on the original post that inspired Micah. A really cool article was published about it by the Mother Nature Network on March 15, 2019, that you might find interesting. Read it here >

Important, please read:

Make sure you wear sun protection. Do not go into remote, hidden or deserted areas alone. Always carry a charged cell phone and a water bottle.

Be mindful of larger trash piles or rotted wood, as they make good hiding places for venomous snakes or spiders. When in doubt, leave that area. 

Never pick up trash with bare hands – wear disposable gloves. Be especially careful with sharp objects, needles, broken glass or jagged metal. Clean those parts of your skin or clothing that came in contact with trash as soon as possible. Do not exhaust yourself and mind the signs of overheating your body. Seek shade and water immediately.

No time limit – do this year round to earn KR points!

Do this once a month, or as often as you wish – there are no limits.

Recycle: just carry a used plastic grocery bag with you at all times. It fits in your smallest pocket and you can use it to pick up a little trash whenever you see it.

Don’t forget to take a before and after picture to qualify for the KR points.

You’ll earn 200 KR points per clean-up incident on any different day (400 KR points for members) and you’ll make your community better! 

Make Micah’s Dream Come True: Take the Challenge >>

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norma and carol pointing at trash
One of the areas that we pass on our regular walks. It should take us a few “pickins'” before we can see it gone. From left: Norma Shearon and Carol Stratton.
norma and ingrid picking up trash
On the second time around, we could make a bit of a dent. Just a little more left for next time! From left: Norma Shearon and Ingrid Webster.


About the title image:

Until the first images come in, this one was previously posted by an unknown participant in the litter challenge. It was chosen to illustrate the challenge itself, and to raise awareness for the trash problem around the world. Image © by unknown source, submitted by Micah Brown


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