Mary’s Pleasant Playtime

Question: “What is on top of every child’s or senior’s wish list?”

Answer: “That someone spends quality time with them!”

Hang in there, folks! We got this. Read on…


Mary Marder – always teaching others, and always in the most pleasant way 🙂

Inspired by Mary Marder 

Mary is a retired school teacher, and she worked mostly with Special Ed kids. And when she talks about learning and the challenges that students face every day, she gets very outspoken about her profession, and she will reminisce in those days with joy.

And she has not lost her mojo. You see, Mary is still teaching in a way. Her new passion takes her to teach people about natural remedies, and how they can help ease those symptoms that nobody wants to be saddled with.

Granted, passion may be kinda nice, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that anybody is automatically in possession of those human qualities that we search for.

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Knowledge is power – teaching playfully is divine!

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But with Mary, there is no doubt – she is a prime example of COMPASSION!

Mary has been the caretaker of both her parents until very recently, when her beloved father passed. She speaks of him in a way that only a loving daughter can. And she KNOWS what it takes to provide THE BEST of times for children as well as the elderly.

And she understands their needs, and the fact that we can solve society’s woes only when we help one another and recognize that we have a communal responsibility towards all.

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Even a simple little pocket game can be a perfect source of quality time

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Quality time that means something

It’s not so easy to be either very young or very old. Because those in the middle, who are so beneficial for the young or old age, are working and busy running their lives.

As a young child, you look towards your parents to be entertained and learn from them. As a senior, you look at your children to also be entertained, and hopefully in a way that’s boosting your memory and providing a relief for those lonely days.

That brings us to this Be More! Initiative. Where the sandwich generation can’t provide enough needed interaction with their dearest ones, the children and seniors of a family will suffer too great of a deficit.

Here is where we can make a difference as a society of love and peace.

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Because ALL children are ALL OUR children.

The very same is true for seniors. They are ours, very much.

Board games are a PERFECT solution for those lonely times. They foster social interactions, they teach us to absorb losing with grace, they playfully instill a sense of strategy and logical thinking. There is nothing better suited to fill a void for someone.

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So what of it?

We want YOU to spend ONE hour with a child or a senior, outside of your regular duties. 


Play board games ONLY with family members who live in your home. Do not attempt to visit others in person, but rather find a two-player online game, if you wish. Or simply video chat with someone who is lonely, or give them a call.

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That’s all we ask for.

But we ALSO want you to coax your friends into doing the same. Simply share a link to this page and tell them what you’re planning on doing…

Problem solved. (Well, almost)

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We hope to start a lasting movement

It would be so beneficial to society.

There is a need for LOTS of people to spend their ONE hour, and after you’ve done yours, we hope that you’re hooked. Nothing will prevent you from doing that repeatedly, and you’ll collect more KR Points over and over again.

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Nice, right?

We’ll do our darnedest to promote playing board games and see that they will be rediscovered again. People have forgotten how exciting they are. Which is sorta nice, because now you can find them for mere pennies at any thrift shop. Their loss – your gain!

And we finally have scientific proof that games are beneficial to one’s well-being. In more ways than one…

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Here’s how it goes:

Now that you know the story how passionate Mary is about education and individual attention, you’ll understand why this Be More! Initiative was named after her.


YOU can share this passion. It’s fun and rewarding!

Get a board game: your local Walmart, Amazon, a Thrift Store, wherever…

Spend ONE hour with someone and see how it goes. We already know.



Each time you make time for someone, you fill their time with fun, education and personal interaction. It’s called QUALITY TIME.


Play board games ONLY with family members who live in your home. Do not attempt to visit others in person, but rather find a two-player online game, if you wish. Or simply video chat with someone who is lonely, or give them a call.

And each time you do, your kindness will be recorded here. PLUS you and your play partner each get a Player’s Award as a Souvenir. AND you get 100 KR Points towards FREE perks!


Your Player’s Award. Click to get yours!


Don’t forget to get others playing too: share this page! That way, your time multiplies because you inspire others.

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Games Teach about Life!

They teach about friendship, how to deal with not always being first, and more. All in a playful way. And you make memories for a lifetime!

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As easy as 1-2-3 for you:
Here’s how to do it:
  • Get a board game and download the PLAYER’S AWARD, see below.
  • Spend time to play this game with someone. Afterwards, give them the Player’s Award. If at all possible, take a picture when you hand it over, or while you are at play.


Play board games ONLY with family members who live in your home. Do not attempt to visit others in person, but rather find a two-player online game, if you wish. Or simply video chat with someone who is lonely, or give them a call.

  • Upload your entry and photos. See the LINKS IN PINK below.
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Important, please read:

Play board games only with people you know. Make sure that the game is designed for the number of people you’ll be playing with. Try to invite some of their other family members as well!

This activity specifically calls for board games. There will be a different Be More! Incentive™ for sports and outdoor games in the future.

♦♦♦ Always give them their Player’s Award after each session. ♦♦♦

At this time, we are not looking for you to play cards or electronic games. Picture puzzles are in their own category also, and you may find that activity at some point later down the road.

Please do not use your playing session to try and recruit that person for business purposes, and do not use it for romantic proposals. Respect your Be More! Initiative™ for what it is designed to be: helping another person to have quality interactive time with another human being. 

© by Love & Peace Project

Don’t have any good board games?
If you live in Palm Beach County, you can look for games here >

Here’s where you can get them:

You don’t need to spend much money. One game can be played over and over and over, and it always will remain exciting, entertaining and educational.

Any big box store with a toy department will have some, of course.



Or, you can always purchase from a thrift store. There are so many games to choose from…

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No time limit – do this year round to earn KR Points!

Do this every month or as often as you wish – there are no limits. You’ll earn 100 KR Points each time!

Don’t forget to take a picture to qualify for the KR Points. Use the LINK IN PINK below to upload.

You’ll earn 100 KR Points per any different day. VIP Members of the Love & Peace Society™ and President Members of the Love & Peace Executives™ get 200 KR Points.

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EASY: Enter and Upload Photos Here >
Download and print the PLAYER’S AWARD >
Rules for the Kindness Rebel Program™ and the KR Points™ >

No Purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law.

By uploading your images, you state that you own the copyright to these images, and you consent to sharing them on our website. Any persons in your pictures have given you permission to use their likeness and names. For photos of minors, you must have permission from their parents or legal guardians.

Some of your photos may appear on this website or in the Love & Peace Society group on facebook. Others may be available in the Photo Album, exclusively accessible to VIP and President Members.







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