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#13: Volunteer to take care of animals

Whether in an animal shelter, a local zoo, a conservation organization, or an elderly neighbor who needs help with caring for their animal: volunteer an hour of your time to help the animals.








As easy as 1-2-3 for you:
  Here’s how to do it:
  • Spend one hour taking care of someone’s pet, or volunteer at an animal shelter, a zoo, or rehabilitation facility.
  • Keeping an animal, and doing right by it is lots of work. Sometimes, people can get overwhelmed with their upkeep, and a little time helping with that is very much appreciated. Just think what happens when a dog owner gets sick and can’t walk their beloved pet. One hour can do wonders for that animal, and you’ll be a big help for their owners or foster parents. Take pictures when you’re working with that animal.Download and print out the ZOOKEEPER’S AWARD for you to keep!
  • Upload your entry and photos. See the LINKS IN PINK below.

Important, please read:

Make sure you are healthy enough to help with an animal, and that your proper shots are up to date. Use your common sense when handling any animal, and follow owner’s directions meticulously. Often, a quick check-up on a pet whose owner is at work, can be enough to make an animal feel secure and taken care of.

Also read The Art of Helping >

♦ Always print out the ZOOKEEPER’S AWARD for you to keep!

This activity is perfect for anybody who loves being around animals.


No time limit – do this year round to earn KR Points!

Do this every month or as often as you wish – there are no limits. You’ll earn 150 KR Points each time!

Don’t forget to take a picture to qualify for the KR Points. Use the LINK IN PINK below to upload.

You’ll earn 150 KR Points per any different day. VIP Members of the Love & Peace Society™ and President Members of the Love & Peace Executives™ get 300 KR Points.

EASY: Post your entry in our facebook group >
(Alternatively, you can enter and upload your photos here >)
Download and print the ZOOKEEPER’S AWARD >
Rules for the Kindness Rebel Program™ and the KR Points™ >

No Purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law.

By uploading your images, you state that you own the copyright to these images, and you consent to sharing them on our website. Any persons in your pictures have given you permission to use their likeness and names. For photos of minors, you must have permission from their parents or legal guardians.

Some of your photos may appear on this website or in the Love & Peace Society group on facebook. You can find a log of all entries in the Love & Peace Journal. Just click on the banner below to go to the page for this activity.  




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