Joyce’s Traveling Bowls


Leah “Mama” Gizzi (left) is with Joyce Greenberg Brown in her Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery and Studio. All photos on this page (c) by Ingrid Webster

How to make friends with food?

– by Ingrid Webster

Joyce Greenberg Brown definitely knows.

She is always a source for creativity and inspiration. This Be More! Initiative is named in her honor.

For several years, Joyce has been organizing charity fundraisers that include ceramic bowls made by local artists. For a fee, participants could choose a beautiful bowl and walk the downtown Lake Worth area. They would visit select restaurants who would fill their bowls with a house specialty for free.

The money from the sale of the bowls always went to a worthy cause. In 2019, it was to help “Mama” Leah Gizzi claim her pasta business back, after a horrific accident left her incapable for many months.

Joyce works very hard to plan and run these charity events. I have collected all the bowls from the first “Bowls for Haiti” campaign, and each time I see them, I realize how much love and heart Joyce puts into every one of her events.

At the same time, I would like to thank the many artists who have donated their time and material towards the bowls. It surely is appreciated, and you don’t know how much I cherish each one of the little creations.

© by Love & Peace Project

Delicious and fresh salad was donated by Lilo’s Street Food Restaurant and Bar.

© by Love & Peace Project

So this fundraiser for Mama Gizzi was a must. Norma Shearon and I went to the Gallery early, eager to start with one of Mama Gizzi’s famous dishes, who presented them right there at the Gallery.

Locals know that food from Mama Gizzi is an insider tip. If you love Italian food, you will have to make it a tradition to go get her food regularly. Oh my! It is just like her fans describe it: delicious, mouth-watering and well, Italian. Mangia, mangia!

Then it was off to Common Grounds Coffee Bar (which is a total favorite of mine), Rudy’s Pub (I LOVE it!) and the Asian Cuisine, which had me craving more.

Then it was Lilo’s Streetfood and Bar, where it’s always nice to hang out on their patio for great food and people watching. Everything was perfect so far!

© by Love & Peace Project

Norma Shearon (right) met some friendly fellow participants (names not known) in the KavaSutra Kava Bar.

© by Love & Peace Project

Joyce got this. For some matter of luck or wisdom or both, she always recruits THE BEST places for the bowl events.

Dave’s Last Resort is a staple, and their shrimp chowder is famous by now. Nature’s Way Cafe’s Chicken Curry salad is TO DIE FOR.

And both Norma and I had never tried Kava, so it was a bit of an exotic proposition to head into The Kava Bar, KavaSutra. What a pleasant surprise! Noah, the bartender, was as nice as could be, and he made everybody feel very welcome.

© by Love & Peace Project

Wherever we went, we were greeted with friendly staff and delectable house specialties. This one is from CWS Bar + Kitchen.

© by Love & Peace Project

Then it was a most welcome stop at the Ice Cream Affair. So pleasing for the sweet tooth! Go for the Pistachio, you will thank me for it.

Our last stop was CWS Bar + Kitchen. We decided to round up the event with a glass of wine. A very, very satisfying experience, and we look forward to do it all over again as soon as it’s offered. Joyce – you REALLY made a lot of people very happy!

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Let’s do it! Here’s how it goes:

Now that you know Joyce’s connection to the bowls, you’ll understand why this Be More! Initiative was named after her.

Except, this initiative is different. Best of all: it is something YOU can get started. It’s fun:

Get a bowl, fill it with food, print out the companion sheet with instructions for the lucky recipient, and give both of these to someone you know. They will enjoy your food, then fill the bowl again and pass it on to the next person.


During the COVID pandemic, DO NOT offer prepared food. USE PACKAGED, commercially available food only.

Teriyaki rice, General Tso’s chicken and broccoli.

That way, your bowl becomes a Traveling Bowl, and you can follow where it goes by clicking here. It will be interesting to know which towns it will pass through, and perhaps even bring new foods from different cultures for someone to try. AND you get 100 KR Points towards FREE perks!

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Food is Fuel for Friendship!

The best memories typically involve sharing some food. Family events, romantic dates, business meetings. Food connects us, so let’s make it a pleasant experience. When you get into a conversation because you gave someone a Traveling Bowl, that makes this initiative SUPERCOOL!

© by Love & Peace Project

As easy as 1-2-3 for you:
Here’s how to do it:
  • Get a pretty bowl and fill it with food that you can share. Print out the COMPANION SHEET. Do this within SEVEN DAYS!


During the COVID pandemic, DO NOT offer prepared food. USE PACKAGED, commercially available food only.

  • Take a photo of that bowl, then give the bowl and the Companion Sheet to a neighbor or someone else you know. If at all possible, take a picture when you hand it over, or after they received it.
  • Upload your entry and photos. See the LINKS IN PINK below.

© by Love & Peace Project

♦♦♦ Always include the COMPANION SHEET with the instructions. ♦♦♦



Important, please read:

Do this WITHIN ONE WEEK of receiving your bowl. Do not allow it to linger at your house: pass it on quickly, so other people can enjoy it!

Give your Traveling Bowl only to people you know. Cover your dish if the food is unwrapped.


During the COVID pandemic, DO NOT offer prepared food. USE PACKAGED, commercially available food only.

Please make sure to let them know if your dish includes any nuts, gluten, dairy, meat or potential food allergens. If you’re not sure about their dietary habits, just ask. When in doubt, simply use commercially available, packaged food and place it in the bowl. A bag of chocolate truffles for example can be wonderful, or a Granola bar, some cookies or a wrapped sandwich!

(And if you should ask: a tin of Russian caviar osetra malossol will work too. At least for me. Just keep it chilled 😉 )

Obey all safe handling procedures for food preparation and storage. 

Read more about safe food handling on the USDA website >

© by Love & Peace Project

Buy your bowl from a local artist:
If you live in Palm Beach County, buy your bowl here, or learn how to make them yourself >

More than just bowls

You’ll get something special and very personal, and you support a local artist.



You can always purchase from Joyce’s store. One is prettier than the other. There are so many to choose from…

CGMS Studio and Gallery

© by Love & Peace Project




No time limit – do this year round to earn KR Points!

Do this every month or as often as you wish – there are no limits. You’ll earn 100 KR Points each time!

Don’t forget to take a before and if possible an after picture to qualify for the KR Points. Use the LINK IN PINK below to upload.

You’ll earn 100 KR Points per any different day and with a different bowl (200 KR Points for VIP Members and President Members) and you might start a new friendship!

© by Love & Peace Project

EASY: Enter and Upload Photos Here >
Download and print the COMPANION SHEET >
Rules for the Kindness Rebel Program™ and the KR Points™ >

No Purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law.

By uploading your images, you state that you own the copyright to these images, and you consent to sharing them on our website. Any persons in your pictures have given you permission to use their likeness and names. For photos of minors, you must have permission from their parents or legal guardians.

Some of your photos may appear on this website or in the Love & Peace Society group on facebook. Others may be available in the Photo Album, exclusively accessible to VIP and President Members.




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