Gallery Of Kindness 2020

The Entries for the 3rd Annual Heart & Dove Awards™ 2020

The search for kind people continues in its mission to find entries for the third annual “Heart & Dove Awards”™ 2020 and induction into the “Love & Peace Hall of Fame”™

All received entries during 2019:
Betsy Carroll

A True Friend – a Compassionate Soul

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Luis Garcia

The Life Saver. Literally.

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Norma Shearon

Doing Good 24/7

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Rachel Sutton

Who Won’t LOVE a Woman With an Extra Big Heart?

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David Kline

From Man to Man… a Piece of Kindness

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Hebron M Mwakindo

Father Courage: Helping Prisoners Ease Their Burden

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Marlene Ross

The Daughter Who is Actually an Angel

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Margot Emery

Always Stepping In for Equality

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Melissa Mccranels

The Young Woman Who Can Teach Us All

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Sergio Palacio

Everybody’s Big Brother

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Leonard Effron

Give Someone Wheels to Make them Fly!

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The 3rd Annual Heart & Dove Awards™ 2020

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Street Graffiti in Lantana, Florida by unknown artist. Photo © by Ingrid Webster


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