Gallery Of Kindness 2019

The Entries for the 2nd Annual Heart & Dove Awards™ 2019

The search for kind people continues in its mission to find entries for the second annual “Heart & Dove Awards”™ 2019 and induction into the “Love & Peace Hall of Fame”™.

Included are all entries that were received by midnight, December 31, 2018.

All received entries during 2018:
Michelle Schack McRae and Sigrid Fontanez

Thoughtful Co-workers & Caring Moms

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Ajibola Basiru

A Pillar of his Community

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Jeff Ritter

Jeffro is a Super Hero!

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Heather Walls

Heavenly Heather

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Julie & Aaron Menitoff

Love Comes Through the Stomach

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The 2nd Annual Heart & Dove Awards™ 2019

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About the title image:

What a strong message of love! Our very prolific but still unknown graffiti artist once again left his/her mark on the streets of Lantana, Florida. Image © by Ingrid Webster


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