Gallery Of Kindness 2018

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The Entries for the Inaugural Heart & Dove Awards™ 2018

The first year for entries to be eligible to win a “Heart & Dove Award”™ and induction into the “Love & Peace Hall of Fame”™. Below are all qualifying entries that were received until midnight, December 31, 2017:

All received entries during 2017:

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Sheryel – Kind to People and Animals

“Hey guys meet Michelle and Archie, can’t tag her I am sure she’s not on Facebook I decided to go to LakeWorth Beach today and almost there I stopped for gas…”

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Percy Ross, the Newspaper Columnist

After acquiring a comparatively sizable wealth with his businesses, Percy Ross decided to give away his fortune, dividing it up to help countless people with immediate needs…

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John & Barbara and Lots of Love

There are neighbors who feud constantly.

And then, there are neighbors who are such dear people that they get adopted into the family.

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David and the Ice Cream Truck

“All Children are All Our Children”

A nice statement, for sure. But who really follows through?

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Nathan and Karen – Founders of QSC

Each day, we become a little bit more conscious of our surroundings…

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The Volunteers for the ACS

Surely you have seen it before. The American Cancer Society’s logo is very familiar to pretty much everybody in the United States.

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Edward Rodriguez
Edward Rodriguez Makes America Smile

Edward Rodriguez, or Eddie, as many of his friends call him, has a special gift: he spreads happiness wherever he goes, readily sharing his positive, upbeat ways.

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The Deliberate Plant Lover

“This is what I love about RV life….”

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Edmund Keane – Globetrotting Angel

“He is such a special person…”

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Randy Lewis, photo by Troy Webster
Randy Lewis, a Soldier of Life

Retired linen worker and Vietnam Vet, Randy Lewis, rises at 3AM. It’s not to go to a job or to get in a really early morning jog…

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Roberta O’Grady, photo courtesy of Roberta O’Grady
Warrior for Animals: Roberta O’Grady

For quite some time now, I’ve been using the local NextDoor App. And among all the posts and the wonderful neighbors watching out for one another, there is indeed one person who stands out.

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About the title image:

One of the first and original #streetlove graffiti in Lantana, Florida. You can see them only if you’re traveling by foot. We recommend doing that! Image © by Ingrid Webster


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