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Just make it a rule: never trash good furniture or other items. Give them to someone who can make the best of it!

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You may enter as often as you wish, but only ONE of the same activity per day will earn you points. You may enter this one today and get KR Points, and if you enter again tomorrow, you get points again.

You may enter any different activity today and we’ll credit you those points as well. All entries received must be qualifying entries, no incomplete forms accepted for KR Points.

Your Entry for Jeffro’s Kids Funnel
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 6 files.
You may submit one or several
Check this box only if you have permission to publish the photos and/or names of all individuals in your pictures
Let us know what they said when receiving, how you felt afterwards or what else may be important to share.
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Salvage what you can!

Only use mostly intact and reasonably clean items. Do not donate unusable items. Be courteous when taking items from another home’s curbside. Be mindful not to disturb people when doing so, or removing items that were placed curbside for temporary storage. If you’re unsure, just ask.

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Don’t forget to take a before and possibly an after picture to qualify for the KR points. Use the form above to upload.

You’ll earn 250+ KR points per any different day (Double KR Points for VIP Members and President Members) and you will help kids feel better!

No Purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law.

By uploading your images, you state that you own the copyright to these images, and you consent to sharing them on our website. Any persons in your pictures have given you their permission to make these images public. Minors must have permission from their parents or legal guardians.


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