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Feel appreciated when you give with a cheerful heart!

This concept was designed for those who give so generously, borrowing from the very same spirit of sharing. Which, as we know, you have done over time and in many different ways. 

We know you do, because you are here, and you believe in a cause that is near to your heart. It makes you feel good to help, and that itself is a beautiful reward. But a little extra never hurts.

More than a token of recognition, we want you to have FREE gifts that brighten your day. You shall get them, because you did good by others.

You get a minimum of 50 KR points for each time you donate a value of $25.00 or more in goods, services or money. Certain rules may apply.

How does it work?

It’s super easy. To get FREE gifts of your choice, you simply collect Kindness Reward points. You can redeem these points for your freebies.

How do you start?

You’ll need to register with us as a user, so charities can authorize points to your user account. Once you have enough points, you order what you like from our little gift shop and we’ll ship it to you.

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We keep approaching businesses for more donations for the gift shop. So you can be sure, that there will be something special for you to choose.

While you do good on your own terms, the charity of your choice may not be aware of the Love & Peace Project. Just forward this page to them, so they can become a Love & Peace Partner Charity and start authorizing points to you.

Managing a non-profit organization? Email us >

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