LOVE: Do Some Good and Feel Better Yourself

If you want to make this world a better place to live in, then you’ve found your tribe. Click on any picture to get started.








Mary’s Pleasant Playtime

Go play a board game with a lonely person, have some fun!

Jeffro’s Kids Funnel

Donate your unwanted goods to a good cause, not the landfill

Barbara’s Welcome Baskets

Make someone feel more comfortable in their new home

Lois’ Stuffed Purses

Give a purse you no longer need to a homeless woman

Rachel’s Countdown Calendar

Collect food for a local pantry, one per day for 24 days

Norma’s Valentine Project

Make Valentines for nursing homes and a lot of people happy

Sergio’s Lent Exchange

Fasting with a twist, to get rid of excess and help others

Micah’s Challenge

Show some pride in your town – make it more beautiful

Paul’s Diogenes Assignment

Find strangers who are kind, then share your story with us

Joyce’s Traveling Bowls

Food is fuel for friendship – send your dish around the world





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