Barbara’s Welcome Baskets


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Welcome, New Neighbor!

– by Ingrid Webster

“Make them feel welcome in a traditional and charming way.” That could have been Barbara’s motto towards anybody.

If ever there was a contest for “Neighbor of the Decade”, Barbara Bowlin sure would have deserved it.

Barbara was the VERY BEST neighbor anybody could wish for.

Unfortunately, she left us in 2010, way too soon and completely unexpected. But her legacy is huge, and it will live on forever.

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Here’s the story:

As if moving weren’t already stressful enough, sometimes even the process itself can be made unpleasant. Especially, when you discover that one of your neighbors is a grumpy, or worse, a downright unfriendly being.

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Give the gift of friendship and goodwill!

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Quite the opposite was true with Barbara

The moment we moved into our new home, Barbara was welcoming our family with open arms. She would come over for a friendly but non-intrusive chat, she would offer to watch our cats and she would always share some home-cooked meals or freshly baked pies.

That friendship was a little stretched when our son, at four years old, decided to rip out her first ever blossom of an Amaryllis. Before we could even anticipate what was going to happen, our son reached out quickly and snapped that blossom from its base. With the cutest smile, he handed it to Barbara and said “Here, Lady, that’s for you!”

Hubby and I were about to sink into a non-existent hole, being mortified at what just happened. But Barbara was unfazed. She smiled graciously, and from that moment on, her love for our Jimmy never ceased.

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Friendship can open up and blossom with just a little nurturing from the right people…

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And we loved her back

Doing things together. Like driving South to see Vizcaya, or the Tutankhamen Exhibit, the Orchid Museum, Norton or the Zoo. Often, we would be getting up in the middle of the night and meet in our cul-de-sac, so we could watch the celestial phenomenon of the moment together. There were countless lunar eclipses, comets and significant constellations that we marveled upon over the course of 17 years.

We compared animal sightings near our neighborhood, back when you would have foxes, Chuck-Wills-Widows, bobcats, flickers, owls, possums and hummingbirds in our backyards. Or the occasional painted bunting.

We would laugh together, cry together, eat and drink together.

She had a heart of gold. Taking in any animal she could find to add to her collection of cats and dogs, each of them missing a part: an eye, a tail, a patch of fur. She loved them all.

Barbara was a true friend and the best neighbor we could have ever had.

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Bread and salt are often given as welcoming gifts.

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Perhaps you can understand, why Barbara should be remembered through this neighborly and well-meaning Be More! Initiative™. You would have loved her too.


Bread and Salt

Giving bread and salt as a house warming gift has a long tradition, mostly in European countries and the Middle East. The original meaning is very simple: bread symbolizes a basic food staple, while salt stands for the most important of all spices. And we want our friends to never run out of them.

Read more about that tradition in Wikipedia >

Just imagine: you arrive at your new home, perhaps in an unfamiliar area, and nobody takes notice. Wouldn’t it be nice to move into a different place, and you would feel at home right away?

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Here’s how it goes:

Get a basket and line it with a linen napkin or fabric place mat. Print out the Welcoming Scroll and sign your name on it. For an extra nice touch, have other neighbors, family members or friends sign as well.

Then add some bread and salt to the basket and give it to the newly arrived neighbor.


Only give commercially pre-packaged bread and an unopened container of salt. Comply with social distancing guidelines, and wear a face covering when you present your basket.



When you make somebody feel welcome, you’re laying the foundation for a good relationship.

And each time you do, your kindness will be recorded here. PLUS you get 100 KR Points towards FREE perks!

Don’t forget to invite others to do the same: share this page! That way, your kindness multiplies, building a pyramid of goodwill.

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It’s called caring and unconditional love

Barbara was an exemplary neighbor, and she will always be missed. But she’s left a lot of her behind, and we’re sharing some of it here. She would be so delighted to know about this Be More! Initiative™.


As easy as 1-2-3 for you:
Here’s how to do it:
  • Get a basket, then download and print the WELCOMING SCROLL.
  • Have your friends or neighbors sign the scroll, then fill the basket with a loaf of bread and a tub of salt. Include the Welcoming Scroll. Take a picture of it, before or after you present it.


Only give commercially pre-packaged bread and an unopened container of salt. Comply with social distancing guidelines, and wear a face covering when you present your basket.

  • Upload your entry and photos. See the LINKS IN PINK below.
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♦♦♦ Always give the basket together with the WELCOMING SCROLL! ♦♦♦

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© by Love & Peace Project

Important, please read:

Use your common sense when approaching a new neighbor. If they seem reluctant, respect their privacy. For great results, give a basket and scroll to your friends who just moved. You can mail it just as well, and it will be received as a beautiful reminder of your friendship. Don’t forget people who moved here from a foreign country!© by Love & Peace Project

© by Love & Peace Project

This activity is perfect for realtors. Each time you rent or sell a home, give that customer one of Barbara’s Welcome Baskets. It will be appreciated by all, and it shows that you care about them making a good beginning in their new home.

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No time limit – do this year round to earn KR Points!

Do this every month or as often as you wish – there are no limits. You’ll earn 300 KR Points each time!

Don’t forget to take a picture to qualify for the KR Points. Use the link in pink below to upload.

You’ll earn 300 KR Points per any different day (600 KR Points for VIP Members and President Members) and you might start a new friendship!

© by Love & Peace Project

EASY: Enter and Upload Photos Here >
Download and print the WELCOMING SCROLL >
Rules for the Kindness Rebel Program™ and the KR Points™ >

No Purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law.

By uploading your images, you state that you own the copyright to these images, and you consent to sharing them on our website. Any persons in your pictures have given you permission to use their likeness and names. For photos of minors, you must have permission from their parents or legal guardians.

Some of your photos may appear on this website or in the Love & Peace Society group on facebook. Others may be available in the Photo Album, exclusively accessible to VIP and President Members.




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