By sharing individual ideas how to do good stuff, we learn more kindness from each other. Then we become a better person automatically, if we develop the habit of being kind.


A picture that is worth a thousand words! Hopefully, it makes you smile. Observed at the VA Medical Center in Riviera Beach, FL, but could have been just the same anywhere around the world. Image © by Ingrid Webster


Love Is Subjective

Everybody has a unique definition of love, and what it means to them, and how they show it.

We each come from a different perspective, so naturally, we have our own ideas on how to do things. Because of that, every person’s approach to do good or helping someone else, is unique.


Being kind lifts you up to new heights!


Even with the best intentions, you can always find someone who will criticize what you do to make things better, or complain how you do it. And as we know, good deeds can bring forth a slew of trolls, who may attack you verbally for being a kind person.

Ignore them.


LOVE instead!

Show them quietly how it’s done. Every minute and every second is an opportunity to be a better person. Do it for yourself. Your life becomes more meaningful, when you do something good to another living thing.

Make an effort to be someone’s hero, and you’ll see your own value rise. You become happier yourself. You’ll get that uplifting feeling. It’s an instant antidepressant!


But where to start?

It’s so easy! Below is a growing list of ‘Be More!’ Initiatives. They help you find easy activities that you can do. Or even get passionate about it – who knows?

Here is a list of things you can do – they’re all easy:


Choose any or all ‘Be More!’ Initiatives!
#1 250 KR Re-loving unwanted goods: Jeffro’s Kids Funnel >  
#2 100 KR Food for friends: Joyce’s Traveling Bowls >  
#3 100 KR Cheers for nursing homes: Norma’s Valentine Project >  
#4 300 KR Being kind to neighbors: Barbara’s Welcome Baskets >  
#5 350 KR Fasting with a twist: Sergio’s Lent Exchange >  
#6  200 KR Creative competition: Betsy’s Crazy Hat Strut >
#7 250 KR Animal appreciation: Geri’s Animal Therapy >
#8 100 KR It’s all about the home: John’s Home, Sweet Home > COMING SOON!
#9 200 KR Our environment as a nicer place: Micah’s Challenge >  
#10 150 KR Flowers for everyone: Sheri’s Friendship Flowers > COMING SOON!
#11 100 KR Your Sanctuary: Bob’s Best Yard Contest > COMING SOON!
#12 100 KR Travel with a purpose: Paul’s Diogenes Assignment >  
#13 150 KR Animals need us too: Marcella’s Fuzzy Friends > COMING SOON!
#14 100 KR for kids in distress: Blake’s Comforting Loveys > COMING SOON!
#15 250 KR Navigating life’s jungle: Hebron’s Resource Mentors > COMING SOON!
#16  100 KR The most hearts win: Debbie’s Find-a-Heart Contest > COMING SOON!
#17 100 KR Loving our planet: Meric’s Wellness by Nature > COMING SOON!
#18 100 KR Forward your memories: Nina’s Shared Adventures >
#19 100 KR Games are good for all: Mary’s Pleasant Playtime >  
#20 200 KR From one woman to another: Lois’ Stuffed Purses >  
#21 100 KR Have a heart: Michele’s Thoughtful Handouts > COMING SOON!
#22 250 KR Hand written cheers: Jen & Jeff’s Snail Mail Treats > COMING SOON!
#23 350 KR Food by anticipation: Rachel’s Countdown Calendar >  
#24 400 KR Music for strangers’ ears: Donna’s Serenades > COMING SOON!
© by Love & Peace Project


Ideas that turn into reality

‘Be More!’ Initiatives are created by people who wanted to make a difference. They thought of ways to make other people’s lives better, and now they encourage you to spread some joy and goodwill too.

When you’re doing something good, you deserve recognition


Get rewarded for your help!

Each time you participate in any of the ‘Be More!’ Initiatives, you’ll earn 100 or more KR Points towards FREE perks. (Love & Peace Society VIP Members and Love & Peace Executives President Members get double)

Of course you don’t do good things so you get rewards. Being kind is an attitude, a lifestyle. We know.

But we have incentives that may inspire someone else. Many businesses donate stuff to our ‘Kindness Rebel Program’, because they know how important a little goodwill is to our communities. They want to help nourish the effort of building a better society.


Here’s one example: Give just TWO hours a year to help clean up your community, and you’ll make a HUGE difference!


There is definitely a lot of need out there

Everybody, anywhere, can use a little help at some time or another.

And you don’t even have to spend money. Often, a small gesture of kindness is all it takes to make someone’s day. Like a word of support, a warm meal, a little time to listen.

Just be mindful of people’s needs around you, and do what you can.


Or share a little food. You can’t imagine how much a bag of groceries means to a less fortunate family.


Before you go out and do good…

Did you know that there are considerations when you’re trying to help someone? Careful planning and thinking of all possible aspects can protect you from potential harm.

The Art of Helping Others >


In Memory of Robert W. Michel

Bob Michel
Bob as we knew and loved him. Photo (c) by Ingrid Webster

“This page was created with loving memory and in honor of a very dear and special person. Whether it was during his time in the Vietnam war, as a dedicated Police officer, or as a trusted friend – he always chose to help others any way he could.

I used to think of him as the ‘Equalizer’, fighting for the defenseless and jumping into uncharted waters to save a soul. Standing up against the suffering in his surrounding communities, while promoting justice, honesty and the good of man.

Bob Michael has always helped spontaneously when we or someone he knew needed it most. Sadly, he passed away before we could adequately reciprocate. A trust fund in Bob’s name to help people in need is planned for the future.

But because he was great in teaching through his actions, his legacy will live on. By applying the ‘pay it forward’ principle, Bob is still doing his work…”

– Ingrid Webster

Good memories of a great man. Photo (c) by Ingrid Webster


BM stands for:

Be More
Bob Michel
Benefit Mankind
Believe Maxims
Bring Miracles
Bold & Mighty
Behave Maturely
Become Meaningful
Beget Magic
Blessed Messenger
Build Moral
Brave Master
Benevolent Movement
Brilliant Megastar

© by Love & Peace Project



The Bob Michel Love & Peace Trust


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