Wearing Beads in Business

Pearls and beads have only ONE purpose today: to give you pleasure, joy and happiness. They’re trying really hard!


“The idea of wearing jewelry is to enhance your features, bring out your personality, and make you shine.”


Already you may sense that this statement was written for your benefit, not to scold you for overloading yourself with hideous baubles. It may be your personality to want that attention, albeit by the wrong means, but I challenge you to do better.

Don’t get me wrong: big jewelry is fab. I LOVE very large pieces, and you would catch me wear them frequently, were it not for that heat and humidity which South Florida is famous for. Unless you’re a fashion designer or Hollywood A-lister, in a work environment size DOES matter: smaller is better.


You don’t necessarily have to compromise – just be smart about it.

In fact, these days I allow myself to get away with just a single strand of Faux Pearls – “Travel Jewelry” if you will, and the compliments just keep pouring in.

That doesn’t mean that you should do the same. Wearing jewelry is very subjective, and highly personal.

Do what feels RIGHT with the outfit you’re pairing it, but don’t make it “loud”. 

A couple of simple rules on the way: don’t let your necklace touch or be close to the collar hemline of your wardrobe. They will compete with each other, and in this case, competition is not a friendly one. Wear a necklace either above or below the collar line to give it its “stage”.

And when you’re unsure as to which necklace works with which outfit: always choose the lighter colored jewelry, as long as the colors don’t clash. (When in doubt, try it out!)

Of course, rules may be broken by the initiated or deliberately defiant ones, and it may work in their favor. Experiments however can be costly, even when the stakes are merely of intrinsic value.

As it stands, you NEVER can go wrong with pearls. They always work with everything, and they will make you radiant and look sophisticated. 

Especially in the professional world.

– Ingrid Webster

© by Love & Peace Project

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