Pearls and beads have only ONE purpose today: to give you pleasure, joy and happiness! They’re trying really hard.

You found them!

Since you’re here, you must be intrigued by the immense versatility of bead jewelry. Or dare we hope that you share our fierce passion for all beads and pearls?

Either way, we would like to provide a little insight into the fascinating world of pearls and beads, and share everything we know…



What we make: String ATTACK

…and you thought you were getting just a pretty necklace!

Be mesmerized! >


Step Inside Our Studio

Take a peek at our work desk – you’ll be amazed!

…come on in >


Why Did My Necklace Break?

Read this before you have your pearls restrung.

Learn more >


But what’s Up With the Beads?

Or: “What’s Love and Peace got to do with it?”

Find out >

  Fascinating String Collection
How bead cord evolved over the years.
See it >
  Pearl and Bead Trivia
The secret life of pearls and beads.
More interesting facts for you… >

Beads in Business

It all depends on how you carry it.

Let’s see it >


What People Are Saying

Our promises may not mean much to you, but what matters are the reviews from actual customers.

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Be confident when you have your jewelry repaired! See references and experience.

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Caring for Your Pearls and Beads

Your pearls (or beads) won’t do you much good, if they’re not cared for properly…

Find out what the Pros know >




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