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Pearl and Bead Trivia
Tidbits for the curious. The secret life of pearls and beads. More >
Peasant, Peacock, Pearls.

What’s your pearl personality: casual, artsy, elegant or professional? Take the quiz to find out >

Caring for Your Pearls and Beads

Your pearls (or beads) won’t do you much good, if they’re not cared for properly… find out what the Pros know >

Why Did My Necklace Break?

15 things you should know before you have your pearls restrung. Learn more! >

Learn to String Pearls and Beads Yourself

Learn how to string beads in our online Bead Stringing University. Start here >

The String Collection
This is neat: how pearl and bead cord evolved over the years. See it >
What’s Up With the Beads?

Or: “What’s Love and Peace got to do with it?” Find out >

Beaded Treasures and Oddities

A deeper look into the vault. Feast your eyes >

So Very, Very Contemporary

Never before have we had this many choices when it comes to style and design. From playful to classic, marvel at all the possibilities! Look… >

Our Bead Repairs

You want it done well and easy on the wallet… but you want it when?? You’ll LOVE us for this one >

Step Inside Our Studio

Take a peek at our work desk – you’ll be amazed! Come on in >


Be confident when you have your jewelry repaired! See references and experience. View all >


For your peace of mind it is our pleasure to serve you, backed by a full warranty! Get the scoop >

What People Are Saying

Our promises may not mean much to you, but what matters are reviews from customers. Check it out >

Where Can I Have Pearls Restrung Near Me?

If you wish to be serviced by a local Jeweler, we can recommend some of the best places to bring your jewelry for restringing. Get the info >



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