Professional Pearl and Bead Stringer by day, Kindness Rebel (TM) by night :)

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Log In | Register | Edit Profile “Being nice benefits all of humanity. Being kind benefits the rest of the Universe.” Love and Peace Project, June 24, 2017 Actually, this Love and Peace Project started out as a pearl and bead stringing business, specializing mostly in repairs. But the nature of that business never seemed …

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resting benches on a raoundabout, lined with palm trees

Michelle and Si Si, Thoughtful Co-workers & Caring Moms

This post is about two women who are hereby nominated for the coming Heart & Dove Awards™. Michelle and Si Si are doing everything in their power to support the family of a former co-worker. In a normal situation, when a person leaves their job, the connection with others at work will often be severed instantly, …

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Not only is it human, it’s divine to make mistakes! You’ve probably heard of the Amish quilt errors. The story goes like this: It is largely a trade mark of the Amish women, to purposely include a small mistake into their beautiful work, as a sign of humility and as not to compete with God …

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