There’s Nothing Like a Little Bit of Roadside Entertainment!

~ by Ingrid Webster

Really, we mean it. “We” refers to the group of walkers as part of the Love & Peace Society who meet about twice a week for a bit of easy morning exercise.

The lesser known sidewalks, curbs and shoulders of roads, along with adjoining areas can be a source of cheap but gratifying entertainment. But if your attitude tends to be of the glass half empty kind, picking up trash from those same strips along our roads can be an inconvenience, if not a trudge.

We chose to see it as an opportunity to have fun and be productive.

road side litter
Really, folks? How hard is it to carry your empty packaging to the next trash bin? Photo (c) by Ingrid Webster

It’s amazing

Zipping through the streets on the way to work isn’t the problem. From inside a car, it is impossible to fathom what’s wrong with the areas lining those roads. You can’t even see how much trash fills the sidewalks and curbs, unless you take the time and walk on them.

picking up roadside trash
Part of our twice a week routine: picking up litter off an easement during morning walks. Here is Norma Shearon doing the clean-up. Photo (c) by Ingrid Webster

Back in January, I believe it was Norma and Lo, who had wondered whether we could pick up some litter here and there while out on our scheduled walks. It didn’t take long before our groups members agreed that they wish to do that, and at the same instant contribute to their community in a positive way.

Gaining Insight…

Fast forward a couple of weeks. Because I was already aware of the litter problem, the post about an upcoming beach clean-up was something I paid attention to. You can read more about that beach clean-up:

roadside trash
It’s one of the areas on our “wish list”, according to Carol Stratton. 🙂 Photo (c) by Ingrid Webster

Things went fast from then on: enter Micah’s Challenge. My son’s friend and room mate had posted about a trash challenge, geared towards bored teenagers. It was a super cool idea: find an area that’s littered with trash and take a picture, then pick up the trash and photograph the result. Brilliant.

picking litter from a natural area
Amazing how much human refuse lies out in nature. You would think that mankind has grown up beyond that. Showing Ingrid Webster picking up litter from a grassy natural area. Photo courtesy of Norma Shearon

Kindness Rewards

The Love & Peace Project decided to jump in on the fun and is offering 200 KR points to everybody who takes that challenge. Anybody can collect these KR points (“Kindness Reward” points) and exchange them for free stuff. And because it was Micah who promoted this post where I saw it first, the new initiative was named “Micah’s Challenge” in his honor. Get the whole story:

roadside litter
There is absolutely NO reason for all this trash being right next to our sidewalks. Especially the shopping cart in the canal… Photo (c) by Ingrid Webster

But what about the logistics? A big community clean-up effort requires advertising, insurance, safety measures and other considerations that are too restricting for a fledgling group. So instead of organizing a big all-out clean-up event, we decided to make it more “digestible”, at least for now.

picking litter
Norma Shearon and Carol Stratton (from left to right) in the process cleaning up a chosen area for litter removal. Photo (c) by Ingrid Webster.

We each collect a grocery bag full of trash, twice a week. That way, the Florida brutal heat and humidity won’t discourage us, and it’s definitely very manageable for everybody. Better yet: over time, it completely clears out areas and leaves us very happy. It does not take long for results to come in.

littered area
A specific area that got our attention and was the first where we picked up trash from. Norma Shearon and Carol Stratton, left to right. Photo (c) by Ingrid Webster.

When you are even slightly involved in any topic, you will find more relevant information about it by default. It sticks out, it’s as if the world all of a sudden and at the same time discovered what you just discovered. It’s no different here.

litter victory
That’s how winners look like! Beaming and accomplished, Norma Shearon is holding up grocery shopping bags that are filled with roadside trash. Good job! Photo (c) by Ingrid Webster.

Since we had started paying attention to the litter problem, more info on all the media appeared seemingly out of nowhere. And that, dear readers, is hugely encouraging. Because the more people are doing something, the more others will join them. It’s part of our human nature, like eternal laws we can’t escape and only our Earth Mother Gaia can fully understand. (Or the Universe, God himself) Let’s not question the origin or purpose, let’s simply use it to our advantage, in a positive way to benefit all of us.

supply bags
Stocked up and ready to rock ‘n roll! Norma Shearon showing off some of the items which the SWA provided to help with the roadside clean-up. Photo (c) by Ingrid Webster

By way of this very phenomenon, I responded to a post from Wilie Puz, Director  Public Affairs and Recycling for the SWA, who put me in touch with Linda Moreno to help out with supplies. After all, we needed more trash bags, grabbers and latex or Nitrile disposable gloves Not only did they come to the rescue with those items, they also treated us with sun protecting hats and t-shirts to help out.

road side litter
This hits home: you can find such deposits nearly everywhere. This one was photographed BEFORE it was cleaned up as shown in the picture all the way on the bottom of this post. Photo (c) by Ingrid Webster

Our group has now officially adopted the street sections we take for our frequent walks, and we have pledged to cleaning up and maintaining them. It is so rewarding to see the clean areas! But it gets even better when we hear about others doing the same…

litter pick-up roadside
Another perfect day for walking and improving our immediate environment. Here’s Norma Shearon using her brand new grabbing tool to fill her bag. Photo (c) by Ingrid Webster.

Literally, countless groups are doing it. My friend Liza just told me about a group that she belongs to that does clean-ups north of us. Karen and her paddle boarding friends regularly remove trash from the outdoors. Melissa and her projects rid natural areas of unsightly and detrimental trash. And many more individuals perform that labor of love, silently and without anyone ever knowing about it.

litter pick-up
So, maybe there are better things to do with one’s time, you may think. But nothing is more gratifying than to contribute to the community. Carol Stratton (shown) feels that way too. Photo (c) by Ingrid Webster.

The take away from this post?

It is necessary to reach people and educate them about a better community spirit. How it affects their own level of self image.

good job cleaning up
It really is not rocket science: “a bag a day keeps the trash away.” Left to right: Ingrid Webster, Carol Stratton. Photo courtesy of Norma Shearon.

The desire to improve is out there, and it needs to be nurtured. It’s so hugely important that we motivate others. Good stuff becomes infectious when more people join in. We can make that difference, we can inspire in great numbers.

It takes constant inspiration to make people realize and acknowledge the problem. Only then can people’s behavior or their habits be changed.

arms up in triumph
Norma Shearon thinks it feels really, really good to have a particular area finally completely free of litter! Image (c) by Ingrid Webster

Spring Fling 2019 in Highland Beach

Oh, what a pleasure it was!

For the third time, the Love & Peace Project brought its Neverending Necklace to this beautiful seaside town. And this gem of an event in Highland Beach, Florida, was well received by residents and visitors alike.

Just look what it had to offer: food, fun, education and music. How could you resist? A big, heartfelt “Thank You” to the town of Highland Beach, Rosalie DeMartino and all staff, volunteers, vendors and visitors who brought it to life!

click here to see the flyer >

Tijuana Flats sampling tent
Who can resist these burritos from Tijuana Flats? Hint: they’re mouth-watering delicious!
four man band
Kudos for the super entertainment! A perfect mix of popular and happy tunes was the background to this already beautiful day.
Want to win free pizza? Try your luck at this wheel-of-fortune!
D'Best sampling table
Or maybe a sample of D’Best Turkey/Stuffing/Cranberry sandwich?
firefighter speed demo
The next generation of firefighters is cheering on his favorite pick for winner. Is it the experienced guy or the rookie?
fire truck
Every firefighter’s pride and every little boy’s object of desire: the shiny fire truck!
Sparky and fire fighter
Can’t have a fire fighter demo without Sparky the fire dog being nearby.
popcorn machine
To everybody’s delight, ladies from the library serving up freshly made popcorn.
police officers' booth
Every community relies on brave men and women to serve and protect.
WM info booth
Usually the least acknowledged but most integral service of town: waste management.
Sometimes hanging out by the fountain makes for great memories…
more visitors
The crowd is growing nicely…
Neverending Necklace booth
As in both previous years, the Neverending Necklace was happy to be there!
Lina and Rosalie
Rosalie DeMartino. admiring the fabulous wares that are uniquely hand crafted by jewelry designer Lina Galiano.
Maypo ice cream truck
The ever popular ice cream truck has made its delicious showing again. Thank you for the treats!
doggie mascot
The photographer is being photographed. You have to believe it when we say it was an easy decision to take this shot… 😉
Audrey with beads
It took a lot of effort, time and love to find all the right beads. Here is Audrey holding up the ones that she is dedicating to her family.
Susan with jar of beads
For the second year in a row, Susan donated beads to be used in the Neverending Necklace. Thank you so much for your kindness, Susan!
dedicated beads
All those beads were dedicated by visitors of the Highland Beach Spring Fling 2019

Having Fun at the Beach Clean-Up

This one was organized and promoted by the Town of Lantana with the help of staff member Nadine Shawah a little over two weeks ago, on February 23, 2019.

I wanted to participate not only because it’s always a good thing to get rid of litter, but also because I wanted to get a better idea of what to expect.

A couple of Love & Peace Society members had expressed an interest in a clean-up activity for the group. It first was mentioned during our morning walks, and it seemed that the entire group was eager to create an effort to help at least those areas where we routinely walk.

It’s so much nicer if the beach is clean. (Photo by Ingrid Webster)

Beaches are recreational areas and as such hugely useful for humans. But they are also reflective of the conditions of our oceans.

An indicator of human activity

The more litter you see on a beach, the more trash is likely to be found in the water as well. While all that stuff is really ugly to look at laying around on land, it becomes life threatening for the Ocean’s creatures. It’s their living environment, and it would be to us land denizens as if the trash was floating all around us in the air. We couldn’t even breathe!

What a gorgeous day in the middle of nature! (Photo by Ingrid Webster)

I was surprised, though. Overall, the Lantana public beach was in good shape. That’s because our town sends out workers regularly to pick up whatever flotsam gets washed ashore, or whatever those few careless beach goers left behind from the previous day.

Let me say few, because the good people who were there to enjoy the beach that day, came up to us volunteers and thanked us, pledging not to litter.

Some things are better left alone… (Photo by Ingrid Webster)

There are things we do not pick up, like the one above. It’s NOT a plastic bag, and it doesn’t matter if it looks like one.

It’s a Portuguese Man-O-War, a nasty stinging creature that will leave you in pain for the rest of the day.  Leave it alone – they’re not to be touched!

But there are things we found that day which were removed.

Let me show you the menu

  1. Plastic straws. The number ONE culprit and by numbers the most common single item. Makes me embrace the coming laws even more: paper is better than plastic!
  2. Cigarette butts. I used to smoke and loved it at the time. If you still do and don’t mind putting toxins into your body, go ahead and enjoy it. But dispose of your butts properly!
  3. Styrofoam pieces. Not a big deal if they’re large pieces that can easily be recognized and removed. Problem with these was that they were very small. That makes them dangerous.
  4. Plastic fragments. Same as #3. Plastic is good for humans in many ways. Let’s just make sure it doesn’t wind up where it doesn’t belong.
  5. Mylar balloon fragments. Same as #3. Thing is, I get it. They’re pretty and they usually say “I love you” in all their shiny glory. Use your common sense when disposing of them, so the wind can’t pick them up and carry them away…
Some of the debris that was collected (Image by Ingrid Webster)

One for everybody’s special bucket list:

If you’ve never done it – I highly recommend it! No, really. It is a rewarding feeling.

For a very low cost (it didn’t take that much effort and only a few drops of sweat), you can make things better for all. How cool is that?

I mean, what else IS there in life? How many movies can you watch, how many video games can you win (I know firsthand how much fun that is), how many parties can you go to, just so **POOF** they all go away after that moment of bliss.

Do something meaningful that lasts… Help create a better community, a better society, a better planet, and inspire others while you do it!

Oh, the things you can find. Or did it find me? (Photo by Ingrid Webster)

Love is never far away…

There is such a thing as finding love in all the right places. Among all the debris, the countless little plastic pieces, the endless stretches of brown algae, the many foot prints of the day, lay this ray of hope. A weathered, mostly sand-covered piece of plastic, looking innocent enough as perhaps a girl’s hair clip in its past life. Spelling the word L-O-V-E.

It is much more, though.

An artifact for the future Love, Peace & Beads Museum, it will serve as a reminder of human nature. As a symbol of fragility, disposable nature and at the same time the goodwill we all have inside of us.

Coincidence? It can be explained only by that very moment when I accidentally found it. It was meant to be.

This is the reason why I helped clean up the beach. I’m sure it’s the same for every volunteer who was there that day. (Image by Ingrid Webster)

Figured it out yet?

The quality of a nature-inclusive life is why I went and did it. I gained a new perspective and experienced something valuable for myself. So should you – it will enrich you. Lantana is having these four times a year, and if I’m in town and available, I will participate again, happily.

You can always contact your local town hall anywhere to find out whether your town or group is organizing a beach clean-up.

Better yet: make it totally rewarding and take Micah’s Challenge!

Learn about Micah’s Challenge and jump aboard >>

Norma’s Valentine Project 2019

This morning was special. It would be the very first time, that members of the Love & Peace Society have gone out to the community and deliberately spread goodwill.

But even more amazing is the fact that this activity was initiated by a member. You can read a bit more about Norma’s Valentine Project here >

On the left is Carol Stratton, another angel, and holding the basket is Norma Shearon, the “Mother” of Norma’s Valentine Project

Here are the pictures from today:

Getting out of the car with well over 100 cards. Notice that green and white bag over Norma’s shoulder: it’s packed with Teddy bears and roses that light up with a little LED light. So cute!

What to expect?

Just waiting for the “Boss” at the reception. Her name is Patti, and she’s a really nice, caring lady. It’s a big ship to steer, but that place was tidy.

The first residents have received their cards and are enjoying it.

Notice that unfortunately, you can’t see their smiles for yourself, but you have to believe us how delighted everyone was…

(To protect the patient’s privacy, we have omitted faces and other identifying features.)

Of course we thought of the guys too: Norma had ensured that we had a good assortment of different cards, and they were worded properly and as specific as we could get.One of the gentlemen reading his card. It was the last thing that he expected today, so it made his surprise and joy immensely more visible.

Carol and Norma on a friendly chat with a happy recipient. Sometimes it felt as if we wanted to stay and spend more time with one or the other person, but unfortunately, there was only a limited time we had available, and we tried not to disturb too much the flow of daily activities there.



Thank you all!

Cards came from a dozen different people, even as far away as Texas! Without your help, this could have not been possible.

See this cute Blonde in that room? That Norma was there today for each and every one of you who contributed cards, bears and roses.

We can assure you, that you were with us in thought! 


A Day of True Love…

Beautiful gestures of love, made possible because all of you came together. Can’t wait for next time!

Saying Good Bye was the most difficult thing to do. Rest assured, dear patients, you are in our hearts!

You gals and guys are awesome!

Thank you to all who have made cards and so lovingly wrote and decorated and donated them! Not to mention all the other goodies, such as Teddy bears, roses and Valentine beads. You’re awesome, and you made a big difference today.

Participate next year >

Love Comes Through the Stomach

…at least that’s what an old German proverb says.

You see, “back then” those traditional German women (and many others around the world) knew exactly how to make their family happy: they gave their best skill to prepare a delicious home cooked meal. And the world would always look a whole lot better after a comforting, perfectly seasoned dinner.

But today, we’ll talk about a different kind of cooking with love. And plenty of love is served by the master chefs and caterers, Aaron and Julie Menitoff.

Those two beautiful people went to North Florida to help prepare, cook and serve meals for victims of Hurricane Michael. The Northwestern shore was struck on October 10, 2018 by the third strongest hurricane on record to make landfall in the continental United States.

Naturally, amid all the destruction and despair, a good meal would provide some sense of hope to those who lost their homes or businesses.

This Millennium had already its share of disasters and catastrophes, so any time someone steps up and inconveniences themselves to serve others, it’s definitely noteworthy.

Because not everybody is ready or willing to leave their own businesses behind in order to help others, Aaron and Julie deserve to be nominated for the 2019 Heart & Dove Awards. They are heroes who don’t think twice, they just rush to wherever there is a need. And hopefully, they have inspired others to jump in when the time comes…

Heavenly Heather

That rising sun you see coming up from under the clouds? It best describes Heather as she was entering the bus!
One Friday in October, I was on my way to a marketing seminar. As a regular bus rider, I was about to mind my own business and just plan for times ahead while taking notes, as I usually do.
Heather is all smiles, as she brings cheers to the entire bus
I didn’t get very far. About two stops after my own, a woman entered the nearly empty bus and she changed my day for the better. Although dressed all black, she was one of these people who can light up an entire room just by entering. Cheerful but not overbearing, friendly but not intruding and radiating with confidence without condescending, she carried a beautiful large tropical flower and walked all the way to the back to sit in the very last row.
At some point, she made a positive remark to one of the other riders, some sort of encouraging wish to have a good day. Because at that time I was already infected by that stranger’s spirit, I seconded, and a conversation began.
That stranger’s name was Heather, and she proceeded to tell me that she was on her way to work. How much she was grateful to have her job, how she LOVED (truly!) loved her job, and how it contributed to a fulfilled life.
Later in that conversation, she told me a bit about her life – the hardships she had been facing from a very early age on.
I will not divulge her stories, but Heather’s trials and tribulations would be enough to send a strong and mentally/emotionally healthy person over the proverbial edge.
We talked some more, and I saw how she used her positive attitude to design her life and make it work to be the best possible for her.
“Today is Friday, so we get paid. I’ll go and buy a new pair of work shoes and a pair of black pants for work. I’m so looking forward to it – it’s the best place to work for. And it has such good food!”
The word “food” will always trigger a response in me, so as a natural reaction, I asked “Where do you work?”
Heather: “At a BBQ place”
Me: “Never heard of it. Where is it?”
Heather: “It’s on Congress, across the entrance of the Mall. They always have a truck parked outside with their logo on it.”
Me: “Gosh, I can’t even think where it would be, I don’t get down that way very often.”
Heather: “It’s all smoked food. We have everything: brisket, turkey, salmon, chicken pork. It is soo good!”
Me: “Sounds yummy, I’ll get my husband to go there with me, he loves BBQ.”
Heather: “Oh, well, here are two coupons for a free sandwich.”
Me: “That’s so sweet, Thank You very much!”
Heather: “Now I gotta go and give the (female) driver this flower.”
And up front she went. Upon her return, I told her that I started a recognition program for kind deeds [the Heart & Dove Awards] and I asked whether it’s ok to include her for a nomination. She agreed happily and even graciously allowed me to take her picture inside the bus. Then it was time for her to exit, we said our good byes and wishes for a super day, and there she went.
Needless to say, I was very inspired by such a beautiful human being. It is a spirit such as hers which gives us the strength and power to face difficulties in our own lives.
Here’s to all the Heathers of the World – the kind, brave and resilient ones!

More Thoughts

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“Being nice benefits all of humanity. Being kind benefits the rest of the Universe.”

Love and Peace Project, June 24, 2017

Actually, this Love and Peace Project started out as a pearl and bead stringing business, specializing mostly in repairs. But the nature of that business never seemed to be fulfilling enough.

Granted, repairing or designing with pearls and beads is rewarding in its own right. It can come with an abundance of passion, a place where to live out one’s creativity, for sure. But after a while, the repetitive nature of stringing beads may call for something more progressive.

Ingrid, its owner, was always searching for a different purpose for herself. Becoming a catalyst, maybe. Specifically wanting to improve how people treat each other, building on a better society overall. Taking tiny steps of course, but that’s how we all start out.

The Neverending Necklace was born out of that idea. To this day, it still is very popular as a representative for the Love & Peace Project. It is always welcomed warmly. But more needed to be done, so here we go.

Love inside a string of beads. Graffiti in Lantana, FL by unknown artist.

The issues are overwhelming…

“If we want to become kinder, we must accept people who are different. If we want to accept others, we must seek to understand them. If we want to understand anyone, we must listen to them.”

There is an urgent need to eliminate prejudice. Way too often, people are being discriminated because of their heritage, where they came from, their traditions and culture.

And still today, those with physical limitation or mental illness, feel that they’re treated differently. Just ask one of them.

Then you have the discussions about race, as if the color of your skin or the shape of your eyes would somehow determine your character and soul.

It doesn’t matter which religious group or political party someone belongs to. It also doesn’t matter which sexual preference or gender one has. Bias leads nowhere. It doesn’t work.

It is a huge concern for us, because these stubborn prejudices hinder the peace process. And they damage the very core of society. So we’re trying to erase some of these, even in small increments wherever possible.

We always get excited when we see a public display of love and peace, like this one on a building next to an iconic burger joint, Dick’s in Seattle. It is huge, much bigger than it appears from this vantage point. What’s encouraging: it shows that there are enough people with means, who do care…

So, how do you eat an elephant?

First, we would NEVER eat an elephant. But to answer that question: you slice it up in smaller chunks and then cut them into bite sized pieces.

In other words: the real secret lies in portioning.

We can’t do everything we’d like to do. And we don’t need to. There are bigger and better organizations that have the experience and the power to tackle their own special causes. They’re doing a lot of good and hopefully continue their invaluable work well into the future.

The Love & Peace Project is no match for these well-funded, extraordinary groups. We just can string beads. Like mad. And give them to people who we think deserve something nice.

Sounds like an odd combination, maybe. It seems not so strange anymore, once you’ve traveled our site and have discovered what makes it so special, and what beads have to do with love and peace. (Hint: it goes way beyond the Sixties, and it started much, much sooner)

We invite you to explore. Perhaps you even find some genuine treasures along the way…

– Ingrid Webster

WE’re ready, if you are:

The Vision

Mission Statement and Future Plans

Love & Peace Ambassadors

Meet the Founder

I always like to mention businesses who get it. This one is from the Restore Coffee Roasters in Boynton Beach, Florida. Their coffee is delicious, and their attitude is a match. Thanks!

Michelle and Si Si, Thoughtful Co-workers & Caring Moms

This post is about two women who are hereby nominated for the coming Heart & Dove Awards™. Michelle and Si Si are doing everything in their power to support the family of a former co-worker.

In a normal situation, when a person leaves their job, the connection with others at work will often be severed instantly, or fade over time.

Michelle and Si Si didn’t simply disconnect with their co-worker because she no longer worked at their preschool. These two kept in touch with her. And when a family emergency took a hold of her life, both women were there for her, with comfort and hands-on support.

Social media are a wonderful thing, because they connect people and their lives to others.

You see it daily: requests for prayers, shared stories of real-life drama, people who are in need, or people who are going through a traumatic situation. And always, it evokes instant feelings of compassion, along with the customary emoticons or comments. But more often that not, other people’s burden, their immediate concerns are out of view when we write or read posts.

To reach people who may not be as open about their trials and tribulations, you’ll sometimes need to engage in one-on-one conversations.

And you will learn about the quiet heroes, the strong people who get up and make others’ lives easier just by being there, doing the right thing without fanfare.

They search no spotlight. They do what comes naturally. They serve quietly and with love for others.

Those are the true nobility, the kings and queens of society

Read below the message from Michelle, about a meaningful gesture that earned them the nomination:

“My co-worker and I are going to bring breakfast, a prayer gift and a prayer session to an old friend whose mom is at JFK hospital. Her mom has been on life support for 6 days with little medical likelihood she will gain brain function…

…this mom worked with us for many years at the preschool we work at. This mom left our program for a period and then went to work at another preschool. She remained part of our family, attending our holiday parties and visiting our school on her lunch break and in the mornings. The daughter of this mom babysat my children when she was finishing high school. This daughter gave her mom the only grandchild which is the moms pride and joy. This mom is young and way to young to leave this world. She has a son in high school and a son in elementary school…”

That said, their hearts are speaking loud and clear. Thank you for being so kind!


Category: Outstanding Friends

Submitted by: Ingrid Webster

Submit your entry for the 2nd Annual Heart & Dove Awards™ – get 100 Kindness Reward points! >


Not only is it human, it’s divine to make mistakes!

You’ve probably heard of the Amish quilt errors. The story goes like this: It is largely a trade mark of the Amish women, to purposely include a small mistake into their beautiful work, as a sign of humility and as not to compete with God for perfection.

But upon a little further digging this seems to be an Urban Myth, albeit a very beautifully divine one and a convenient, however unintended marketing strategy as well.

It doesn’t matter whether the Amish quilt mistake is an actual tradition, or simply quaint wishful thinking. Mistakes are very much part of our lives. And they should be.

How’s that?

You can look at it this way: it’s easy to slip in an error or two, when you work on anything, repetitive pattern or not. Everybody’s done it.

But if you have the ability to create something without any flaws, and then choose to insert an irregularity, that is power! Because you made that choice, for whatever reason. 

Even if you made a mistake unintentionally, it is an interruption.

Someone else may discover your mistake and have the freedom to interpret it, repeat it, distribute it or fix it. Or leave it alone.

Mistakes foster conversation, they motivate us to improve, and they certainly are catalysts for progress.

They exist, whether you like it or not

So-called errors in our DNA enabled humans to evolve. If all of our genetic code were entirely perfect and uniform throughout, creativity, science and industry were all but wishful thinking.

Yes, they can hinder as well, even be downright detrimental to one or more individuals. Those are the great teachers, the ones with the most profound lessons. But we’ll exclude these from the discussion of manageable, desirable errors featured here.

The useful mistakes are those who push us forward. And those which are merely annoying shouldn’t distract you.

It’s about that balance. It’s about being human. With flaws.



Always Keep Going.

Sometimes we can be lost on our path. Or we’re missing a sense of direction, don’t know which way to turn.

escalator going up
Don’t linger for too long… Image (c) by Ingrid Webster

The one thing to remember then: don’t stop going forward. Because eventually, there will be a road sign, a landmark to follow. Or you’ll meet someone on the way who can help you find your destination.

But – they don’t come to you. You’ll have to keep moving to find them.