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Art is a feast, a celebration!

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It’s Crab Season Here In Florida  $95 The Kiss  $95 Birdie Plays Soccer  $95 Kitty Loves Going Out At Night  $95 He Always Finds Peace By The Sea  $95
Just answer the damned phone!  $95 Karl is exhausted  $95 His Bark Is Much Worse Than His Punch  $95 Harold is NOT like the other boys.  $95 I only wanted a drink of water, but I can’t believe I found myself  $95
Eat Some Soothing Soup, Susie!  $95 Perhaps we should cut it down  $95 Biker Babe  $95 Forgive me, for I have sinned!  $95 Poppies and Clover  $95
Maybe this will make you happy  $95 Hug it already!  $95 It was instructed not to mingle with humans.  $95 Peace for All  $95

Alter Ego  $95

The reef doesn’t sleep now  $95 Love for All  $95 We don’t need the Moon  $95  Hahaha! They voted for me, now I can raise their taxes!  $95 The Early Bird  $95
The Summer Night’s Dream that never was.  $95  
While you’re here…
Leather Macrame Bakelite Necklace  $220 Multi Strand Pearls on Leather  $240 Graduated Natural Coral Necklace  $198 Museum Quality Chinese Puzzle Ball Necklace  $1,495
Sterling Silver Chain with Abalone Center  $110 Natural Faceted Aquamarine Necklace  $450 Mala with Carved Wooden Bead  $210 Stick Pearl Necklace  $110
African Shell Necklace  $140 Stick Abalone Shell with Kumihimo  $295 Dyed Jade Necklace with Vintage Crystal  $204
Angry Hippie Mask Holder  $30
More GREEN For Haiti – Mask Holder  $30 More GREEN For Haiti – Bracelet  $25 More GREEN For Haiti – Short Dangle Earrings  $20
LOVE Haiti T-Shirt  $24.95 Haiti Coat of Arms T-Shirt  $19.95 Haiti Renaissance T-Shirt  $24.95 Haitian By Birth T-Shirt  $24.95
New Haiti Challenge Card Game  $25 Gia Yee: Reggae Prescription CD  $16.95 Renaissance Cologne  $35.95
TravelBeads™ Black Onyx  $45 TravelBeads™ Butterscotch Amber  $45 TravelBeads™ Carved Coral  $45  TravelBeads™ Craquele Rock Crystal  $45
TravelBeads™ Arizona Turquoise  $45 TravelBeads™ Citrine  $45 TravelBeads™ Spun Cinnabar  $45 TravelBeads™ Persian Turquoise  $45


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