The Vision

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Spreading Love – Promoting Kindness

The goal is to help build the Love, Peace & Beads Museum and make it fun to participate. In the process you’re contributing to a kinder community.

How does that vision become reality?

Let’s start at the beginning:

Some years ago, the idea of honoring dear people took shape with the Neverending Necklace. It was started on July 21, 1998. Back then, it was also intended to be a fundraising tool to help a Veterans’ charity.

This is how it works: you can add beads and dedicate them to someone you love. It’s now FREE of charge, and you’ll receive 50 Kindness Reward points towards goodies from our reward store.

Over the years, it grew more and more into a symbol for acceptance and unity among people from around the world.

Today, this string of beads measures about 3,200 feet in length and it is still growing. Now that’s a lot of love!

This panel is called “West Palm Rocks”. Look at it – it’s so much fun!

That’s nice, but where can you see it?

It was a concern from the start, to find a place of display for the Neverending Necklace. It had to be public for all to see it, and so people could visit their dedicated beads. Even though it was exhibited at numerous places before, the ever-growing necklace needed to have a permanent home.

The idea of a museum was born. Pretty simple, if you consider throwing in a vast collection of bead related items for good measure. These were accumulated over the span of a 30-year pearl and bead stringing career.

Enter a minor dilemma: there never was the intention of establishing a bead museum. It had to be love and peace related, or not at all.

And along came the idea to add other exhibit items: the Signature Installations.

People always had fun adding beads to the necklace, but for most visitors, it was a meaningful activity for them to do. This was the cue.

Paint your personal guidance word on a rock!

YOU give it MEANING!

One by one, other creative activities started to sprout, until each got assigned to one particular month of the year. Painting rocks for the “Love & Peace Zen Garden” in January, for example.

These “Signature Activities” rotate each month, each with its own meaningful message. Depending on the month of the year, you can paint rocks, create “Thank You” notes, dedicate a bear, a leaf, an ornament, a house and more. Or you can share your favorite quote, or a prayer that inspires you most.

A Museum – built by YOU!

Again, it’s your input that will bring the museum to life. You can participate at Love & Peace Society meetings, for example. Or at program talks in a group or other organization. Maybe at private parties. Just keep posted by subscribing to our newsletter for events near you.

All these items you made, will be housed in the Love, Peace & Beads Museum. They become a part of an installation, a humongous piece of art to reflect upon and enjoy.

Now it gets even better:

To inspire others, there are annual awards. Anybody can be a winner of The “Heart & Dove Awards”™ and induction into the “Love & Peace Hall of Fame”™.

These awards are the greatest of honors from the Love & Peace Project. They shine the spotlight on those who set the standards for kindness. By honoring these extraordinary people, others may take notice and get motivated to improve.

Who can win an award?

You can receive such an award yourself, or you can nominate someone else. Just think of someone who did something really nice for you. Or for someone you know. And when you suggest someone to receive an award, you get 100 Kindness Reward points.

The awards are chosen each year in February out of all entries that were received during the previous calendar year.

Not sure where to start?

Talk to others who know. Where do you find such wonderful people?

In this fun, inspiring and welcoming group: the Love & Peace Society. And if you’re not ready to join, you can always attend a social meeting as a guest. It’s FREE to attend, and there is no cost to participate in any of the monthly Signature Activities.

The new Kindness Rebels

There is something for everybody

The plan is to gather with like-minded individuals who like to socialize. Monthly meetings, coffee socials, happy hour, meditation, classes, workshops and more. Everyone is welcome to join and spread the idea of a kinder community.

No religious or political agenda are behind it, and in fact, it should be left outside any of the Love & Peace Society meetings and discussions, so everybody can enjoy their time there.

What will motivate people to participate?

Being a kind person by default requires no motivation. If you’re the type who has compassion or wants to help, you have that in your heart already.

But a little extra reward is nice, just because. You can get FREE jewelry, made with love by the little elves at the Love & Peace Project, and made in our workshop right here in USA.

And who knows, maybe there will be other things to choose from in the future. Once we invite other businesses to donate items too, you’ll have a better selection.

One of these, perhaps? Or maybe a different necklace altogether? You shall have it!

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The Love & Peace Project is very lucky to live in a place where love is found everywhere… Image © by Ingrid Webster


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