Mission Statement and Future Plans

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1.) To provide the best possible repairs for all fashion accessories.

There is a commitment from us to be the Number One repair center for your fashion accessories. We want you to experience how superior our repairs truly are. They are professional, reasonable, and quality work. Guaranteed.


2.) To celebrate and promote kindness

After all, they are the secret ingredients for a healthy society.

The Museum Building Activities and the “Be More” Initiatives™ serve as a guidance on the way. They are easy to do, and they make you feel good.


3.) To facilitate relationships

A positive attitude is necessary to play well with others.

You can improve your position in any social setting immediately. Because you are the star of the show when you are kind. You are the key to a better community.

We offer activities that help improve relationships in personal or professional environments. And we help you stay motivated. Our incentives are the Kindness Rebel Points™ as well as the Heart & Dove Awards™.


4.) To create a caring, supportive community

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all got along?

You can choose your friends! Imagine a place where you’re always welcome, where you are embraced warmly, where you feel at home.

It takes thoughtfulness towards others, kindness and support. Exactly that is what the Love & Peace Society™ stands for. It’s a social group where you can enjoy the company of good people.


5.) To embrace differences

This world does not need division!

You are accepted for who you are. You are loved dearly for your heart and your kindness, as it should be. You are a friend.

Our main objective is creating a desire to learn more about another’s culture, tradition, heritage, philosophy. We have activities to reduce prejudice and to eliminate barriers. We are inclusive. We do not discriminate.


6.) To establish a place of reflection, discovery and enjoyment

All culminate in the creation of the Love, Peace and Beads Museum™, which serves as a landmark for love of all life, as well as a reminder of peaceful coexistence.

The museum contains the Neverending Necklace™, all Signature Installations, portraits of the “Love & Peace Hall of Fame”(TM) inductees, and also interactive displays.

It will be home to artifacts related to cultural heritage over the ages. A significant portion of these exhibits are to include pearls and beads, as will be information or items to support a well documented history of their use.


7.) To plan and conduct outreach programs

These will include, but not be limited to:

a) supportive appearances during public or private events

b) classes, program talks, workshops, seminars and leisure activities

c) live events that are promoted by the Love & Peace Project LLC

It is the policy of the Love & Peace Project to provide a safe haven for any visitor or participant, well within free speech, however without any verbal or emotional assault or injuries. Therefore, comments and posts from users are moderated.

The Love & Peace Project LLC does not associate with any particular political and/or religious views, nor will it engage in or encourage interference in such matter, except for to give thanks or praise.

8.) To provide activities for your personal well-being

We care about you as an individual. We want you to feel good about yourself.

Sure, gentler habits will improve your own physical and mental well being. When you are at peace, it becomes easier to help someone else.

But your R & R time is important too. That’s why we offer not only educational and community activities, but social gatherings and fun times too.


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