Mission Statement and Future Plans

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Beyond the Beads

What we intend to do now, and our plans for the future

A) To promote the idea that love and peace are the “secret ingredients” for a healthy attitude

This includes educating the public about the personal benefits of gentler habits. How care and compassion can improve physical and mental well being, and how they can lead to a more fulfilling life.

B) To facilitate relationships with others in personal or professional environments

Positive attitude and good communication are the first steps to civil and well-meaning behavior towards others. In everyday surroundings, established habits largely dictate the treatment of family, friends or colleagues.

Our incentives are designed to motivate people to become more aware of their relationship with others. The Kindness Rewards™ as well as the “Heart & Dove Awards”™ are good examples.

In addition, the monthly Signature Activities and the “Be More” Initiative™ serve as inspiration and encouragement.

C) To create a caring, supportive community

Working within the immediate social environment by demonstrating thoughtfulness towards others, kindness and support. Catalyst is to be the “Love & Peace Society”™ – a social group of individuals who enjoy the company of similar minded people.

D) To foster greater understanding between individuals and different cultures

The main objective here is creating a desire to learn more about another’s culture, tradition, heritage, philosophy. Reducing the prejudices towards the other, and therefore eliminating barriers.

E) To establish a place of reflection, discovery and enjoyment

All culminate in the creation of the Love, Peace and Beads Museum™, which serves as a landmark for love of all life, as well as a reminder of peaceful coexistence.

The museum contains the Neverending Necklace™, all Signature Installations, portraits of the “Love & Peace Hall of Fame”(TM) inductees, and also interactive displays.

It will be home to artifacts related to cultural heritage over the ages. A significant portion of these exhibits are to include pearls and beads, as will be information or items to support a well documented history of their use.

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F) To plan and conduct outreach programs

These will include, but not be limited to:

a) supportive appearances during public or private events

b) classes, program talks, workshops, seminars and leisure activities

c) live events that are promoted by the Love & Peace Project LLC

It is the policy of the Love & Peace Project to provide a safe haven for any visitor or participant, well within free speech, however without any verbal or emotional assault or injuries. Therefore, comments and posts from users are moderated.

The Love & Peace Project LLC does not associate with any particular political and/or religious views, nor will it engage in or encourage interference in such matter, except for to give thanks or praise.

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About the title image:

Seriously – these graffiti can be found all over Lantana and even beyond. If you cruise around in our site, you’ll sure find many more. Thank you, wonderful artists for keeping the spirit alive! Image © by Ingrid Webster


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