Meet Shaman Ted ‘Soaring Hawk’

Shifu, People and Animal Energy Healer, Speaker, Counselor, published Author


Traditional Eastern Martial Arts are a great influence in Shaman Ted’s work. All photos on this page courtesy of Shaman Ted ‘Soaring Hawk’ Mattingly

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“There is no bad molecule.”

Shaman Ted ‘Soaring Hawk’, 11/19/18

You can actually feel that this statement is not just a casual saying, from the very moment you are in the presence of Shaman Ted.

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Introducing Shaman Ted ‘Soaring Hawk’

A very special treat for your spiritual wellness!

Shaman Ted (also known as Shaman Soaring Hawk) has joined the Love & Peace Project, and he’s ready to share his bountiful energy with you.

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Shaman Ted is a well recognized healer. He works miracles for your soul!

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An accomplished healer and published author, Shaman Ted has traveled the world to help mend the souls of countless humans as well as animals.

We welcome Shaman Ted as the resident spiritual guide and healer for wellness of the mind.

He will work through guided meditations, in workshops and with specific breathing techniques, rejuvenation exercises and attunement. You will feel yourself relax the very moment you meet Shaman Ted. Let his loving ways soothe you and lift you up to the heights of feeling your best!

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An Amazing Teacher

From a very early age on, Shaman Soaring Hawk, as he is best known, was aware that he possessed the gift to bring peace into people’s hearts. He felt a strong desire to educate himself in many facets of spiritual wellness, and he went on to become one of the most revered spiritual counselors in his field.

In pursuit to hone his powerful yet gentle craft, he has traveled the world for wisdom, and to bring his extraordinary talent into the hearts of people from all over the globe.

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Shaman Ted “Soaring Hawk” embracing energy from all elements

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Drawing Energy Everywhere – and Passing it Along to You

It’s an energy of kindness, a vibration of pure love that streams through every living being. The difference is whether and how it is utilized.

There are many techniques to draw on that energy, Shaman Ted will facilitate your spiritual path by teaching: 

Internal Gong-Fu,

Breathing, Mantra, Energy Work,

Rejuvenation, Relaxation, Attunement

Space Clearing, Chanting

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Let’s get it straight: healing touch is real!

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Animals are no exception!

They actually have an energy field just as we humans do. They have love. And those who don’t believe it, never owned a selfless dog, a comforting cat, a noble and faithful horse, or a sweet and friendly bird.

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Shaman Ted speaks “Animal” very well…

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Many papers have been written by scientists, and countless posts can be found online that elaborate on the existence of an animal soul.

No matter your personal opinion, we all can agree that pets and wild animals alike enrich our lives in nearly every imaginable circumstance.

Horses, dogs, cats, birds – they all are creatures of the same world as we humans are. Made by the same God. Very much and thankfully a part of our shared nature.

But the sheer essence of being in balance and at peace, is the realization that every living thing matters.

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Nature is the greatest healer of all – being in nature benefits your well-being

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Immerse Yourself in Nature!

The talents of Mother Nature are manifold: she can have a relaxing or invigorating effect on you, depending on your personal needs of the moment.

That’s why Shaman Ted prefers to work outdoors, in nature’s lap, so to speak. You will find strength and focus through Shaman Ted’s ‘Beach Meditation’, and the ‘Rejuvenation in the Park’ gives you abundant energy and a renewed purpose.




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