Just when you thought that the South Florida Season of prolific and colorful blooms has passed, along comes the glorious Royal Poinciana with its abundant ravishing blossoms. A grand finale to a feast for the senses! Photo © by Ingrid Webster


Meet the Initiators

“When you share your good ideas, we all win.”

Love & Peace Project, 2019

Be More! Initiatives were started or inspired by truly caring individuals. They are being recognized and honored here. Because improvement of our communities can only be achieved by sharing and activating a concept. Here are those who gave freely:

People who make a difference
Micah Brown

Micah’s Challenge

Norma Shearon

Norma’s Valentine Project

paul vattiato Paul Vattiato

Paul’s Diogenes Assignment

Rachel Sutton

Rachel’s Countdown Calendar

Sergio Palacio

Sergio’s Lent Exchange

  Jeff Ritter

Jeffro’s Kids Funnel

  Joyce Greenberg-Brown

Joyce’s Traveling Bowls

  Lois Spatz

Lois’ Stuffed Purses

  Barbara Bowlin

Barbara’s Welcome Baskets

  Mary Marder

Mary’s Pleasant Playtime

  Betsy Carroll

Betsy’s Crazy Hat Strut

  Geri Rakosky

Geri’s Animal Therapy

  John Kirby

John’s Home, Sweet Home

  Sheri Maimone

Sheri’s Friendship Flowers

  Bob Simon

Bob’s Best Yard Contest

  Marcella Mirande-Ketcham

Marcella’s Fuzzy Friends

  Blake Raab

Blake’s Comforting Loveys

  Hebron M. Mwakindo

Hebron’s Resource Mentors

  Debbie Howell

Debbie’s Find a Heart Contest

  Meric Tunca

Meric’s Wellness by Nature

  Nina Fogelman

Nina’s Shared Adventures

  Michele Landers

Michele’s Thoughtful Handouts

  Jennifer Isham and Jeff Ursillo

Jen & Jeff’s Snail Mail Treats

  Donna Barron-Willey

Donna’s Serenades

See these pages for more info:

The Vision

Mission Statement and Future Plans

Meet the Initiators

Meet the Teachers

Meet the Love & Peace Ambassadors

Meet the Founder




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