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This page is more about YOU than it is about us, because we only reflect what you are looking for 😉

Ingrid Webster in a moment of unwinding, away from daily chores…

The Love & Peace Project is all about searching for kindness and wisdom, then sharing it in the Museum, and hopefully inspiring people on the way.

If you want to come along for the ride, you’ll find personal fulfillment and maybe some inner value worth keeping.

But we’re also about having fun, being a component of mainstream society, enjoying what makes us happy.

Without love for life and everything our planet has to offer, there can’t be a balanced existence. And how YOU feel on any given day affects your immediate environment.

That’s why we offer a variety of activities that are fun, enjoyable and simply relaxing. Find all of them in our calendar of events. We want you to feel good, so you can pass along your positive vibes to others. It’s how a caring community works.

Introducing Shaman Ted

Shaman Ted is a well recognized healer. He works miracles for your soul!

A very special treat for your spiritual wellness!

Shaman Ted (also known as Shaman Soaring Hawk) has joined the Love & Peace Project, and he’s ready to share his bountiful energy with you.

An accomplished healer and published author, Shaman Ted has traveled the world to help mend the souls of countless humans as well as animals.

We welcome Shaman Ted as the resident spiritual guide and healer for wellness of the mind.

He will work through guided meditations, in workshops and with specific breathing techniques, rejuvenation exercises and attunement. You will feel yourself relax the very moment you meet Shaman Ted. Let his loving ways soothe you and lift you up to the heights of feeling your best!

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Mission Statement and Future Plans

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Love & Peace Ambassadors

Meet Shaman Ted “Soaring Hawk”

Meet the Founder


About the title image:

This page’s title image shows one segment of the 20-year celebration of #PHLairportart, which is composed of numerous art installations inside Philadelphia Airport. A wonderful example how we get to enjoy art in public places. This particular object can be found at Terminal A-East, for ticketed passengers – it mirrors beautifully the joy of life we carry inside of us. Image © by Ingrid Webster


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