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Our main purpose is to make art that you can enjoy, and to repair your jewelry and other fashion items to perfection. You can also get fabulous custom pearl and bead jewelry from us, with designs that are mature and guaranteed to make the wearer shine.

But of course the Love & Peace Project is also about a certain lifestyle: sharing kindness and wisdom, and hopefully inspiring people on the way.


Ingrid Webster, Founder and President

 by Love & Peace Project

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Why Love & Peace Project?

If you want to come along for the ride, you’ll find personal fulfillment and maybe some inner value worth keeping. And it doesn’t hurt knowing that your piece of art was created with passion for life. Our 33+ year experience from design to art to fashion pieces to top tier fine jewelry works in your favor, and you can’t find better care for your cherished pieces. We will repair pearl or bead items that nobody else would touch, because we understand your emotional connection to your jewelry and fashion accessories.

But we’re also about having fun, being a component of mainstream society, enjoying what makes us happy and is good for the soul.

Without love for life and everything our planet has to offer, there can’t be a balanced existence. And how YOU feel on any given day affects your immediate environment.

That’s why we offer a variety of live activities that are fun, enjoyable and simply relaxing. From classes to seminars, walking in nature or sharing a meal, you can find all of these activities in our calendar of events. We want you to feel good, so you can pass along your positive vibes to others. It’s how a caring community works.