Great American CleanUp 2021


Our Volunteers are the BEST!!

Once again, the extraordinary commitment of our volunteers has proven to be a super asset to our communities. Here in Lantana, Florida, we had super cool volunteers to help clean up what others so thoughtlessly discard.

A heartfelt Thank You to each and every one. You are awesome and much appreciated!

There were 20 volunteers from all walks of life, donating a total of 40 hours of their time. We were able to fill 10 very large trash bags with a combined weight of at least 180 lbs.



The Foundation of Society

I can assure you, that every single person worked very hard to make our community a better place to be. These volunteers are my personal heroes, showing up on the outside of their normal lives to help clean up our common areas.

Seven Publix employees teamed up to be there. It was good to see those people interact and be a part of the event. A special shout out to Eric, who brought them together.

‘Searcy Law’ was represented, as was ‘Kids For Kids Haiti’ and ‘Promises’. You made a difference, for sure.

Everybody who showed up that day has probably a different reason for being there, but all had one thing in common: to make our world better. For us, for our children, for our grandkids.



A special Thank You

It goes to two businesses that jumped in to help with refreshments. Of all the adjoining businesses that were aware of the CleanUp, two were generous enough to reward the volunteers with water, snacks and even pizza.

Mr. and Mrs. Edne Artaud, from

Sunshine Insurance

Kenny, from

Atlantis Pizza



The very essence of volunteering

Not only do they make a visible difference, which is of course the original goal. But the bigger picture is truly much bigger than an immediate good deed.

Once again, it is about inspiring others. It is about sowing that seed inside our fellow humans’ heads. It’s about demonstrating how it’s done. Showing our kids that life means being part of that big picture, that fabric which makes up society.

And perhaps, one or the other people will think about that community spirit and be inclined to help as well. Because that spirit, that enthusiasm is definitely there.



GAC 2021 Volunteers

Mark Gorman

Rebecca Gorman

Caitlin Gorman

Angela Gorman

Marguerite Way

Rebecca Booth

Robin Kriberney

Amanda Boyer

(+ 4-month old ‘Volunteer in Training’ ♥)

Eric Justin

Tracey Justin

Rob Capobianco

Anita Santaella

Talyssa Lozano

Ellen Manes

Top Tuvs

Patty Padgett

Carol Stratton

Norma Shearon

Troy Webster

Ingrid Webster










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