Norma’s Valentine Project 2021

For the third time in a row, the Love & Peace Society collected and distributed Valentines to over 450 local senior citizens.


Norma Shearon, the initiator of Norma’s Valentine Project, overlooking a portion of donated cards and goods


Valentines were made by students and teachers from 2 schools:

Students, Mrs. Heinsen and Ms. Schullstrom of the Greene School in West Palm Beach

Student Council, Ms. Mills Burke and Samantha Moore of Olympic Heights High School in Boca Raton

There are 17 individuals who donated cards or other goodies:

Patricia Murray

Betsy Carroll

Rose Celian

Paula Mann

Marlene Ross

Ashley Myers Ouellette

Mary Marder

Millie Fischer

Dawn Cotler

Patty Padgett and the kids

Karen Fish

Sheila Floor

Annet Diaz

Mary Black

Virginia Hartell

Norma Shearon

Ingrid Webster

Because of all generous donations, the monotony of being in a senior or nursing home was broken up for a while, and these elderly people could feel that they were being cared about.


On the way to Hamlin Place. Left to right: Norma Shearon, Rose Celian, Dawn Cotler, Mary Marder and Millie Fischer.


The following homes received Valentines:

Hamlin Place, Lantana, FL

Riverview House, Lake Worth Beach, FL

Villa Madonna, Greenacres

Embark, Lake Worth

Wood Lake, West Palm Beach

Pacifica, Greenacres


Posing in front of the adorable aviary at Villa Madonna are, from left to right: Mary Marder, Ingrid Webster, Rose Celian, Norma Shearon, Janine from Villa Madonna Management, Dawn Cotler.


Here is a breakdown of all items that were distributed:

10 helium filled balloons

54 pink necklaces

48 heart shaped boxes of candy

110 individual pieces of candy

394 cards

35 hand creams

57 stuffed animals

19 decorative hearts

37 light-up roses

$125 in donations (which bought the roses, balloons, candy hearts and decorative hearts)


In front of Hamlin Place, left to right: Millie Fischer, Dawn Cotler, Norma Shearon, Mary Marder, Rose Celian.


It was an enormously important experience, and we realized that we could improve each year, to make this annual event even better.

Being the 3rd time that the Love & Peace Society under the guidance and inspired by Ms. Norma Shearon, had visited seniors on Valentines Day, we were reminiscing about how it started in 2019 with one single home.

Thank You for all who contributed so generously and freely – you made a lot of people’s day better!


It was a good number of Valentines for our seniors!


Ms. Mary Marder attaching a little stuffed monkey to the door of a senior’s apartment.


In front of Wood Lake in West Palm Beach, left to right: Dawn Cotler, Carlos Bristo, Megan Heisler, Norma Shearon.


The fantastic and wonderfully creative Valentines from the Greene School, made by grade school students.


A little treat for our ears, eyes and hearts: the chirpy budgies at Embark. This was a refreshing tiny break in our deliveries for, left to right: Rose Celian, Dawn Cotler, Norma Shearon.


Just one of the super cute Valentines made by the Student Council of Olympic Heights High School.


The much sought after little red monkey, attached to a resident’s door knocker at Riverview House.


A rainy Valentine’s Sunday didn’t keep the goodies away: left to right, Ashley Myers Ouellette and Norma Shearon bringing cheer to seniors at Pacifica.


Email that was sent by Patti Rajkumar, administrator of Hamlin Place:

“With deepest gratitude for  the  Valentines gifts and cards given today for our residents.  The gifts and bags were distributed today and the smiles and ‘great big thank you’ were received by the residents. The individual cards will be given out on Sunday. Your gesture of giving these special items made a great impact on our residents. Thanking you for thinking of our residents in these trying times and making Valentine’s Day very special for them.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!”




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