Let’s Gear Up for Valentine’s Day 2021!

Mary Marder handing out Valentines to a nursing home resident in Boynton Beach, Florida.
Norma’s Valentine Project
It is the time of the year when we start thinking about our seniors on Valentine’s Day.
Miss Norma Shearon is the Initiator of the heart-warming and very successful project, and she already cleared with our nursing home management that it’s ok to drop off cards and Valentines, so their staff can distribute them this year.
I know it’s still four weeks away, but that day is coming up quick.
…if you have some extra V-cards or little Valentine plushies or red roses or anything similar, we would LOVE to have them for our seniors. We’ll even pick them up!
Just think about how difficult it must be for those who gave us life, or education, or helped raise us in any way. They had no interaction for nearly a year, and a little recognition will be extra special!
One of the biggest factors in aging is the waning opportunities to socialize. Especially when you’re suffering from disease, or when there’s not many family members left who can look after you.
If we are a community, and we want to be a good community, then we MUST include those often forgotten seniors.
Please help, if you can! PM me at Ingrid@lovepeaceandbeads.com or contact Norma, or Miss Mary Marder.
You get 100 KR Points, VIP and President Members get 200 KR Points!

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