Margaret Blomgren

How to Live the Good Life Without Being Wealthy


Margaret in a happy moment, and she is being loved! Photo (c), courtesy of Margaret Blomgren


NOMINEE for the 

4th Annual Heart & Dove Awards™ 2021

and Induction into the Love & Peace Hall of Fame™


The Nomination:

We all should be so kind

How often have you complained about something trivial? Admit it, these things happen more often than we think.

You get upset over the waiter who brought you the wrong side dish.

You see someone drive slower than they should, so you blow your horn and call them names.

You can’t stand it when you see spelling mistakes on social media, and you correct them in a comment.

You don’t like the neighbor’s kid riding his bike onto your driveway, so you talk to his/her parents and maybe threaten with a law suit.

And on, and on, and on, and on.


But you’re better than that!

Maybe the waiter had his first day at the job and is nervous, so maybe he could use some encouragement. Make them feel needed.

Maybe that slow driver just had cataract surgery, and is getting used to driving again. Make sure you keep your distance and be polite when you pass. Make them feel safe.

Maybe those spelling errors were made by a dyslexic person, and they feel conscious about it. Grin and bear it, and be glad that you are healthy and had a good education. Make them feel accepted.

Maybe that neighbor’s kid wants some attention, because both his parents are working long hours. Go out and offer to ride a while with him. Make them feel wanted.

When dealing with people, there is ALWAYS a better way. Find it!

Margaret has.


She found what makes life rich

You see, Margaret doesn’t have an easy life. She drives a school bus for a living, and she has to keep a severely strict budget to make it to the end of the month.

She didn’t have anything handed to her. She’s trying to make it through another week, just like the rest of us.

But she has a treasure that nobody can take away from her: she is kind. She doesn’t hesitate to help. She knows how it feels to have challenges, and despite or because of that, she is there for others.

All the time.

Margaret Blomgren has discovered the secret to a fulfilled life. Challenging at times, but beautiful.

I’ve followed her facebook posts for quite some time, and I can see her daily struggles. And always, there is something positive. Like in this post below.


Being kind is living richly. Photo (c), courtesy of Margaret Blomgren


Margaret’s original post:

“I am laying here trying to go to sleep. I’m thinking about what had happened in the last few hours. God is good. My friend who has helped me out a lot need zinc she said she been looking for it has not been able to get any. I said I had some if she wanted them. I told her I got it online because I couldn’t get any in the store. We made arrangements for us to meet up on Wednesday. I got off the phone decide to order her a bottle of zinc instead of giving her mine. She will be getting a bottle on Wednesday. I am so happy I could do this for her. She is getting tested on Wednesday for the virus. There will be enough for her whole family. Then I am out walking the dogs. I see two police cars parked on the street. I then see at the end of the street the two Richmond county officers pushing a van backwards towards me and the dogs. I walk the dogs back to the room. So I can go help push the van. They told me to get into the van to steer it. We put it into a empty parking spot. I then thank the two Richmond county officers. One even gave me a big hug and the other shuck my hand. The man that own the van thank them too. It made me feel good inside too see this. My heart has been hurting so much lately with all that has been happening in the world lately. God I believe the good in people. God blessing are coming.”



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Category: Everyday Above and Beyond
Town: Augusta, GA
Submitted by: Ingrid Webster


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