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These are turbulent times we live in…

…but we’ll get through them together!

Yes, together, absolutely. Each in our own individual ways, but together. We need to be in it together in a way, as we need each other for support.

Did you notice that you can give support to someone else only when you’re strong yourself? But how can you be strong emotionally, when there’s so much going on?

Maybe it’s time to turn inward then, to find out what your soul really needs!

Global pandemic, natural disasters, poverty, civil unrest, racial injustice, corruption and disputes over faith or politics have all of us worried. We’re frazzled, frightened and alone.

For each of us, it’s a world that’s different than that of our parents. Our times are unprecedented. There never was a time when change happened so frequently, so explosively, and almost daily. In pretty much every area of life.

It can be a challenge to make it through the day, leave alone being wary of a future of uncertainty.


There’s still room for happiness

You probably already know that happiness doesn’t come from things. They’re only good to numb you for a while.

When you go on a shopping spree for example, it makes you happy for a couple of days or so. Sure. It’s all good. But it won’t last.

Or perhaps you make it through the week by having a cocktail or two every night. Fine for a little while, but there comes a point when you question whether it’s the right strategy in the long run.

Or you watch TV until you are exhausted from it. You know all the soaps, the series, the actors and actresses. And reality shows are just so easy to help you escape from the real reality. And maybe you feel guilty that there’s something missing in your life. You just don’t know what that is.

Of course you should have all these things, just not exclusively. Cut back somewhat on all that easy stuff, I mean it.

Because each time you fill your life with “easy stuff”, you miss a chance to work on your true essence. The underlying stuff, the inside of you.

You miss a chance to become a better person. You’ll miss it with each superfluous activity. Every time. Remember, your time on Earth is limited.


You can find your refuge in being kind

The only way to fulfillment and spiritual/emotional/mental growth, is to overcome the difficulties that hold you back from being the best human being that you can be.

Get rid of all distractions, or at least a good portion of them. These “wordly” things are only fillers, and they stand in the way of your personal growth.

Try to look at it this way:

Many people, especially younger ones, will ask: “what’s the purpose and meaning of my life?” 

Your purpose in life is to gain knowledge, and then to pass it on to others. Very simple.

Whereas only you can give your life meaning. But how do you do that? Here, we come full circle. Remember what I said earlier? About missing chances? 

Go inward a little. Then try and do something kind. Something new, that you’ve never done before. Slip a nice note in your neighbor’s door. Buy an ice cream cone to a stranger’s kid. Hand a sandwich to a homeless person. Listen to a story of an older citizen. Volunteer to read to a child. Play a board game with a home bound relative. Pull some weeds in a working family’s yard. Do stuff!

Do a little bit of it every week. Write down what you did. After you’ve done seven of these, reflect and listen to yourself how it feels.

You’d be surprised!


WOW!! What a concept!

It’s like creating a sanctuary for your soul!

Pull yourself off the couch, and do a tiny bit of good to someone else. As often as you can, but at least once a week.

You’ll get happier with each step.

You’ll grow.

All of a sudden, your world has multiplied itself. You’re bringing in an aspect that has value. Not just to others, but mostly to yourself.

You will feel the depth of your soul, and how it has awakened. make it happen – you’ll find your meaning of life!




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