Day 24: Send a card to your neighbor on the left

Send a Card!!
Or tuck it into your neighbor’s door frame!
Yesterday, we took care of the right side. Today we’re gonna send a card or letter to a neighbor to the left. And feel free to send out (or stick to their door) to more than one neighbor.
You Don’t Need to Write Much…
Just as I don’t have to write much about it either. It’s simply a kind thing to do.
Remember a time before the internet and cell phones were limiting our real-life social interactions?
Well, if you do, then you also remember how sweet it was when you got an unexpected letter or a card in the mail.
People today need more JOY in their lives. There are so many activities which are prohibited right now. It’s sad, and I can only imagine that you could use a little pick-me-up. Not that much to do, not many places to go. Your usual sources for happiness are greatly diminished.
Here’s some GOOD NEWS
If you can’t find anything that truly warms your heart during this time, here is the PERFECT REMEDY: spread some cheer to others!
You’ll know what I’m talking about, after you’ve mailed some cards or left them at people’s doors.

They will be pleasantly surprised. It may be the only thing worthwhile they’d gotten in a long time.

What Better Time to Do it Than Now!
Brighten their day – it will come back to you manifold. I put my money on it!
Not sure what to say? It takes VERY little. Any of these will do wonders:
  • encourage them with a good quote
  • draw a little picture
  • ask if they need help with shopping
  • offer to pull some weeds in their yard
  • include a nature photo
  • tell them that you’re glad that they are your neighbor
  • admire their yard, how nice they keep it
  • tell them you always wanted to say “HI”
  • ask how they are feeling
  • thank them for being a good neighbor
  • write a little poem  
Send out a few of these suggestions, and watch what happens. You will have made yourself a little oasis of happiness, knowing that you did something nice for others.
Tell us all about it in the comments below. Let us know how many cards you’ve sent, and get 50 KRP for each!


Remember, you earn 50 KR Points towards FREE goodies!

And of course, you’ll make someone else’s day better!

Participate as often as you wish. We want you to play along for fun, and a little distraction, even make things easier for you and others.

You get KR Points for it once a day, and every day with a different answer, if you post it in the comments.

Do it now and get 50 KR Points! (Love & Peace Society™ VIP Members and Love & Peace Executives™ President Members always get double: in this case, that’s 100 KR Points!)

Rules for the Kindness Rebel Program™ and the KR Points™ >

Send out a card to your neighbor on the left and tell us how it felt, in the comments below!


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