Day 20: Which Book Have You Read Last?

A Good Book is Like a Best Friend
Just like a friend, it can soothe, entertain, offer comfort, give advice, tell a story, make you laugh, or teach you something new.
Does that surprise you? It shouldn’t, because a book is written by a person. And because of that, the brain power and emotions behind it are as human as can be. A book is packed with the author’s personality, their style, and that makes each book unique and fascinating.
Start Your Love Affair With Reading
Most likely, you have already developed a relationship with a particular type of book. If not – start one now!
Do you like novels? Drama? Romance? Humor? Adventure?
If so, you’ve probably also picked a favorite writer. So now is a great time to catch up with the latest edition, and get yourself lost in a world of fantasy.
Not just as a distraction or to kill time. I want you to rediscover the benefits of reading a good book. If you go through life without a glimpse of somebody else’s imagination or opinion, you will have lost a chance of nurturing your own mind.
A new perspective is what keeps our judgment more sound, and our creativity fresh.
Go ahead and indulge in whatever you may enjoy reading. It doesn’t matter which genre or subject. As long as you keep receiving the benefits that come with working yourself through a book. Or electronic reading device, but that goes without saying.
A Perfect Way to Spend Time
Lose yourself in a captivating story or draw inspiration from some wise and beautiful words. This crazy time we are experiencing right now is unprecedented, so chances are that you’re finding yourself at a loss sometimes, just like everybody else.
Personally, I like to learn something completely new, or at least enhance some knowledge. Maybe you’ll discover a new hobby? Or you’ll be able to further your career that way?
We humans are so privileged to have access to the written thoughts of others. Take advantage, while you can, because when the world starts turning again, it will move fast, and your chances of spending time with a book will be greatly diminished.
Go and read, you’ll be amazed!


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Your parents and your teachers were right: reading is one of the most beneficial mental activities you can pursue in your spare time!

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