Day 19: Conquer the Art of Playing!

Remember when you were a child?
How comforting did it feel, when you were able to play with your toys, while nobody would bother you?
Imagine it now. Try to think back to those moments.
You were at peace. Or at least, you felt that you were in your safety alcove. You had the ability to zone out and lose yourself in what you were doing.
Now, apply that feeling to your world as it is. Does the magic still work for you?
Yes, it May Seem Surprisingly Difficult
If not downright impossible. I get it. Life gets in the way all too many times. Letting loose in an innocent, refreshingly childlike way, has long abandoned you in favor of adult responsibilities.
You can have it back!
I know how it feels. I feel pretty bad myself, when I pick up a book and read during daytime. Or watch TV. So as a rule, I just won’t do it to avoid the guilt. I always have the urge to be productive in one way or another, but then I rarely get done what I think I should.
Life is not so easy, because I take the expectations from others and multiply them with my own. And guess what? It is NOT helping. In the end, I get overwhelmed and disorganized.
But there IS a solution. ALLOW yourself some playtime. Take care to DELIBERATELY take some time and let your inner child take over.
Play Your Heart Out!
Put it somewhere in your schedule. It can do wonders for your mind and soul.
The effects are similar to that of meditation: they slow down your thoughts and give your brain a needed rest. Who knows, playing may even lower your blood pressure, I don’t know.
One thing is for sure: it is a catalyst for creativity, and a refresher course for logical thinking.
My goodness – all corporations should have the flexibility to embed some playtime for their employees. It will NOT slow down production – quite the contrary!
It’s like a beauty sleep for the brain, and it can clear the fog.
You should try it.


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While playing. Literally!

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