Day 9: Where Would You Rather Be Right Now?

Another Place, Another Time

Pretty much everybody would agree. Being stuck is no fun.

Even if you still get to go to work, our radius of movement has been severely restricted for most of us. But don’t worry – it won’t last forever, and at least you have the ability to dream of other places.

Easy to imagine, right?

It definitely isn’t easy for me.

Because there are a MILLION places that I could think of. Not that I don’t like my home, or Palm Beach County, where I live. I LOVE both of them.

However, my memories of places I’ve been are a powerful lure. The mere thought of traveling somewhere else is refreshing, after being cooped up in the house for so long. It takes my mind off the repetitive news we’re hearing.

It lends something positive to this current situation, and it makes me feel better, knowing that there is still a whole world waiting to be explored.

So where would YOU rather be?

Do you want to go back to a place that you like in particular?

Or would you rather go somewhere you’ve never been to? What is your preference? Ocean, or the mountains? City or country? Wild parties or solitude? East or West? Hot or Cold?

Share it with us! Post a picture you’ve taken, or tell us of a pace you would love to see but you’ve never visited.

Dream on, don’t let your wishes slip away, just because the situation we’re in. It’s temporary, and it’s necessary to protect ourselves and others. At least it seems to work. We’ll get through this!

Why do we want you to post your photo?

Because it is something positive, a beacon of hope.

It will  I N S P I R E  OTHERS and give the something uplifting to look at. AND they get a sense of togetherness, when they realize other people’s hopes and wishes aren’t all that different from their own.

Be divine and help lift others up!

Tell us where you’d rather be, or share a photo!

En route to Cody, WY, after leaving Yellowstone National Park. Photo by Ingrid Webster

Best of all: you earn 50 KR Points towards FREE goodies!

Share your ideas of places to visit. Give other people a glimpse into your world of dreams and wishes, or let them see what you have already seen with your own eyes.

Tell us WHERE you’d rather be right now, and post a photo, if possible. You get KR Points for it once a day, and every day with a different item, if you post about it in the comments.

Do it today and get 50 KR Points! (Love & Peace Society™ VIP Members and Love & Peace Executives™ President Members always get double: in this case, that’s 100 KR Points!)

Rules for the Kindness Rebel Program™ and the KR Points™ >

Tell us where you’d rather be right now, or leave a photo in the comments below!


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