Day 7: First Thing You’ll Do After Quarantine?


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There’s nothing more uplifting than anticipation!

We always need something to look forward to, so we stay motivated and cope more easily.

I can only imagine that you have already made plans for a special treat, after the restrictions on social distancing and ‘shelter in place’ are lifted..

© by Love & Peace Project

© by Love & Peace Project

We need dreams to keep us awake…

Only when we still can dream, and wish, and hope, do we truly feel alive.

Personally, I do plenty of anticipating!

It never entered my mind that I couldn’t just go out and walk with our local chapter, so that is definitely on my list of first things to do. Or have our monthly luncheon, even just a little cup of coffee together. How crazy, that we can’t do that!

I’m also using this time to plan for the future Love, Peace & Beads Museum, and already, I could use about forty more months of time. So it’s not an immediate task that I can jump on.

But I do have something much more within reach. One of the easier things I’ll want to do, is go to a restaurant with a water view that I’m craving so much. Ocean or Intracoastal – doesn’t matter.

And then, it will be off to Arkansas. Yes! Something I wanted to do for the past 32 years. It can’t wait any longer. Hubby and I will visit Diamond Crater National Park, and the mere thought is invigorating and exciting for me.

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What are you craving most?

It sure is strange how we take everything for granted, as long as we have easy access to it. Nobody thought twice about hand sanitizer, for example. Would you have ever imagined that we would have a shortage of it? Or that we would feel this lack of it up close and personal?

Life has changed, for sure, and it probably will have changed how we behave, still after the danger of catching the virus is long gone.

But sanitizer will remain a commodity that’s relatively abundant and ready for purchase. So will most other goods, and as of right now, there is no reason to panic.

We can easily steer our fantasy into more frivolous purchases or activities, and I want you to share them with us. Remember: shared joy is twice the joy!

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© by Love & Peace Project

How will you treat yourself?

You probably don’t even need ideas – most likely you have some pretty good ones already.

Let us know what your plans are. It may be just a dinner with friends, or watching your kid play a ball game. Or it may be that fabulous cruise you’ve talked about for so long.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to take a skydiving lesson, or go out to fish on the ocean for a day. How about go see family? Continue your Karate class? Play guitar in your band, or own the stage at a local Karaoke night? 

Go ahead and dream – it’s perfectly good!

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Share your plans in the comments below!

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View from the UTiki restaurant in Jupiter, Florida, towards the lighthouse. Photo by Ingrid Webster

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Best of all: you earn 50 KR Points towards FREE goodies!

It shouldn’t take long for you to come up with your favorite Quarantine breaker! Maybe you will need some adjustment time, and that’s ok.

Tell us about all your plans, big or small, and post them. You get KR Points for it once a day, every day with a different idea, if you post about it in the comments.

Do it today and get 50 KR Points! (Love & Peace Society™ VIP Members and Love & Peace Executives™ President Members always get double: in this case, that’s 100 KR Points!)

Rules for the Kindness Rebel Program™ and the KR Points™ >

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Share your best plans in the comments below!

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