Day 3



Stay as well as you can…

…in itself, that is an act of kindness too!



The best thing you can do for your community right now, is to keep yourself in shape, physically, mentally and emotionally.

It’s kinda like when they ask you to put the oxygen mask on yourself first, in case of an airplane emergency. Only when you’re strong yourself, can you be of service to others.

So, on Day 1 we reached out to others to thank them. Yesterday we did something nice for ourselves, by finding a piece of classical music to enjoy. Today we’re doing some good for ourselves AND for others. (See my quote below)


Walking is the single most effective exercise you can do

You don’t need any gear, it’s easy, and it’s totally beneficial.

You determine how far you’d like to walk, or how long. I recommend about an hour of brisk walking for best results. Of course, if you’re a little out of shape, walk for as long as you can, nobody will tell you otherwise.

Walking is good for:

  • your heart
  • your digestive system
  • your lungs
  • your legs
  • your mood
  • your hormones

If you’re unable to walk, just do some exercises indoors: crunches are great and easy, so is dancing, or jumping jacks (unless you have someone living underneath you).

Just keep moving!



Tell us the good news! Let us know where you’ve walked or post a selfie!

Go outside if you can, and explore a different neighborhood perhaps. Find some joy in the fact that your legs are wonderful tools. Breathe deeply and put your mind at ease. Or, as my friend Leonard (Frenchie) would say: go and ride a bike – that will work too!



Best of all: you earn 50 KR Points towards FREE goodies!

Discover how wonderful it is to walk! For as long and as frequently as you wish. Just keep your social distancing guidelines. And with that, most definitely you will inspire others!

You can go out and walk every day, and each day you get KR Points for it, if you let us know.

Do it today and get 50 KR Points! (Love & Peace Society™ VIP Members and Love & Peace Executives™ President Members always get double: in this case, that’s 100 KR Points!)

Rules for the Kindness Rebel Program™ and the KR Points™ >

Post a selfie or simply let us know where and how long you walked, in the comments below!


Keep Moving! These People Are:
Walked Carol Stratton 4/3/20

Walked. Can’t take a selfie, so: picture of trees and beautiful sky on the way!

Ingrid Webster 4/3/20
Walked Laurie Lusk 4/3/20

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