An Uplifting Tradition Takes Root


Yes – we consider it a tradition already, even though it was only the second year of Norma’s Valentine Project. Because in our hearts we know, that we’ll continue every Valentine’s Day for many, many more years well into the future.


Norma Shearon making some last minute purchases on our way to the Valentine Surprise. All photos on this page (c) by Ingrid Webster


And how could we not?

It is a little bit of joy that we can add to our seniors who are mostly home bound, either in a senior facility or nursing home. Not everybody there gets visitors or much diversion from daily life. And as always: some extra love never hurts!

Norma’s Valentine Project came together nicely yesterday, and we were able to make a lot of people happy because of you! Heartfelt thanks go to:

Norma Shearon
Carol Stratton
Leslye Robertroy
Dawnalita MacIsaac Cotler
Mary Marder
Norman Gitzen
Maria Schaeffer
Carol Stratton, smiling with anticipation, just before entering the first hom.LOVE & PEACE!!


We were blessed to hand out 228 Valentine Cards, 19 hand crafted tissue flowers, 9 flocked plastic roses, 11 stuffed animals, 20 candy hearts, 12 Valentine balloons, 5 Love & Peace ornaments by

Norman Gitzen, a note pad, a rosary, a cosmetic travel pouch, 5 Valentine heart & flower paper weights and 17 red/pink/purple bead necklaces.
That’s a total of 329 items, more than three times as many as last year’s 104.
I am so very proud of every one of you!
Thank you for your contribution: Teresita, Norman, Norma, Carol, Leslye, Mary and Dawn. You ROCK!!!


Bringing cheer on Valentine’s Day, left to right: facility manager Patti, Norma Shearon, Carol Stratton, Leslye Robertroy, Dawn Cotler, Mary Marder.
On Valentine’s Day 2020, members of the Love & Peace Society visited three Senior Facilities:
1.) Hamlin Place in Boynton Beach
2.) La Madonna Senior Residence in Lake Worth
3.) Embark Senior Living in Lake Worth
Here are some more pictures from our visit to the three nursing homes. They are pictures that are already etched into our hearts forever.
Please note: resident’s faces have been blurred or cropped to protect their privacy.
Little gifts that go a long way…


Leslye giving out cards to senior residents


Dawn is engaged in a friendly chat with a nursing home resident


Some cheer for the day and perhaps beyond!


Looks like there was a moment of mutual appreciation going on. Mary delivering a card to a nursing home client


Leslye showing her best hugging skills to make someone very happy!


Dawn is reading the wishes from a card before handing it to the recipient


Miss Mary spending some time with a lady


Still going strong inside the second home


The best surprises are the unexpected ones… In several cases, we left cards outside the resident’s apartments


Wherever we went, we were well received. A memorable day for all of us!

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